Mellisandre the Mermaid

Some of you will remember Princess Twinkle Toes for my friend at Christmas. Well it was her birthday this month so I decided to make her unicorn a mermaid  friend…

I’ve been following the Merino Mermaid on Instagram for a while now and have always wanted an excuse to buy one of her patterns, especially the mermaid. I used the same WI soft and silky yarn in pink spot for the tail, style craft parchment for the body and a mixture of king Cole Gypsy super chunky in bouquet and fern for her amazing hair!


It was my first time at using safety eyes and i think it made all the difference, I’m definitely a convert! Her hair was long and heavy that her head was a little wobbly, i tried to add some extra stitches but if i did it again id make sure the head/body connection was stronger.

What do you think? She could be made in so many beautiful combinations!

I’m having trouble deciding which Merino Mermaid pattern to do next!

3 thoughts on “Mellisandre the Mermaid

  1. Love her! She’s cute. The yarn you used for the hair is great … looks like Lionbrand Homespun.
    I discovered that the head isn’t as wobbly if you make the last row of the body and the last row of the head really tight and stuff it some extra fiberfill at the last minute when you close the gap between the last stitches.
    Many greetings from VA, ivonne

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