Princess Twinkle Toes

I decided to crochet a few presents this year. Money-wise it is slightly cheaper as long as it’s something small but you do need to be organised and start well in advance as it takes a lot of time, which i think, if appreciated, is a much better gift than something of monetary value (that’s my excuse anyway ūüėČ ). There’s nothing worse than hurriedly crafting a gift and it being substandard.


One of my ¬†bridesmaids adores anything pink, glittery or unicorn themed… So when I saw this gorgeous Twinkle Toes pattern from Kornflakestew¬†¬†on Instagram¬†I knew it was destiny. I had to start early on in December as she’s rather a large¬†amigurumi and I¬†planned to only use a 3.5 ml hook to make sure the stitches were really tight.

The yarn used for the body was this stunning Women’s institute yarn from Hobbycraft. I bought it a few months ago as an impulse purchase with no project in mind. It works beautifully for the Unicorn as it’s flecked with pink and purple and is a¬†very soft, fine DK. The feet and hands (!?) of the unicorn were made using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in Clematis.

The body was easy to do, I much prefer when the pattern calls for the legs to be made in the round with the body rather than attaching later on. This caused much amusement in class when I showed the children my half worked body and told them it was for another a teacher. Because they looked like trousers I was met with “you realise they won’t fit her Miss?”.

The head was easily shaped, ears and horn attached. The swirl on the horn was also a very simple, effective and clever technique. I sewed on the eyes, complete with eyelashes, but intend to buy some safety eyes for my amigurumi in future as sewing on eyes is such (in the words of my fiancee) a ball ache.

The mane and tail were my favorite thing to do. I’d never attached hair to something before and selected some King Cole Gypsy Super Chunky in Bouquet that I had left over from a snood. It’s wonderfully thick, with black cotton wound round the strand and the colour’s matched the magical unicorn theme perfectly! These were attached by winding the yarn round and round my hand (or anything to create a desired length) then snipped along one end to create lots of lengths, these were then individually threaded through stitches and knotted to create hair and mane. I can’t wait to use this technique again!


Anyway, needless to say, she was beautiful and I was sad to see her go! My friend loved her too and I will definitely be making another in the future!


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