Pink and lilac flecks

My friend asked whether I would make her a small present for a friend of hers who’s about to give birth to a baby girl. I was only too happy to oblige!

I’ve used this gorgeous WI soft and silky with pink flecks yarn for both Princess Twinkletoes and Mellisandre the Mermaid and I had one ball left. These newborn scratch mittens and soft hat with pompom were exactly 50 grams so at £3 a ball (three for two!) that’s really good value!

The mittens were the same I made in blue for a baby boy last year and the front post/back post finishing edges on both mittens and hat complimented each other beautifully. The hat pattern was from oombawka design with added pompom! 

Next time I’d make the pompom slightly bigger- I’ll invest in a bigger pompom maker next time I’m at hobbycraft. I love pompom makers, don’t you? Much better than threading yarn through two bits of card for hours on end! 

Thing is, I don’t really want to let these beauties go! Perhaps I’d better start on my own! 

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