Clam Shell Bobbles Stitches

The weather has really warmed up this week! I went up to Lincolnshire to see the family and it was a balmy 11 degrees. 🌞 The crocuses and snowdrops were all in bloom and daffodils greet you in all the supermarkets. It won’t be long before every roundabout in the land will be a riot of yellow! 

Part 1 of the Scheepjes 2017 CAL the Hygge Shawl was released on Wednesday.  See the guage square and cross stitch practise here. I got halfway through and compared it to others’ on the fb page. Definitely not as bobbly as I would have liked! 

So I took the decision to frog it all (the horror!) and started again. 

Rather than crocheting in the yarn I wasn’t using, like the pattern suggested, I dropped it and picked it up when I changed. It doesn’t matter as it’s going to be backed anyway. The bobbles I added in another ‘yarn over pull through two’ to make it bigger and made sure I pulled it really tight behind the bobble before I double crocheted. It reminds me of clam shells and coral. 

Daddy’s also gone and bought a puppy! They lost their saluki lurcher before Christmas so last weekend went out and got themselves a lurcher whippet x bedlington. Her name is Nelly! 

She’s so small- like a little mouse! I love her 😍🐭 she’s mental and very cuddly but likely tires out quite quick so we had lots of sleepy cuddles. 

Anyway, back to the grindstone on Monday. I worked an entire day this half term so hopefully my first week back won’t be too stressful. Famous last words.. 

Currently reading: Local Girl Missing -Claire Douglas. A little slow but because it’s set by the sea with a decrepit old pier and permanent drizzle it’s quite atmospheric. Nearly finished Moon Over Soho- Ben Arranovitch on Audible. It’s the second book in the Rivers of London series. If you like crime dramas and Harry Potter then this is the series for you 😁

What are you reading? Has anyone else started the Hygge CAL? Spam me your bobbles! 


Moonstone and Cross Stitch Hearts 

Well what a hectic little week I’ve had! But I survived it unscathed and even had my new assistant headship role confirmed for September. I’m over the moon about this and also very much bricking it! Definitely will need to involve a works clothes shopping spree. 😋

The guage square and cross stitch practise was released this week and I completed it in an evening.

I adore it! The stonewashed wasn’t what I imagined, not as soft, but it is a beautiful colour. I’ve never done cross stitch before but found it easy enough, just don’t look at the back of the work! Thankfully, you have to line the Shawl.. 🙄 I didn’t have the required 4.5mm hook so used a 4.

I finished Lie with Me by Sabine Durrant this week- best book I’ve read in a while! A real page turner. The main character was an arsehole but you can’t decide whether he’s an evil genius or a bit of a loser.

We had book club last night and all agreed that All For Nothing by Walter Kemposki was possibly the worst book in the known universe. This month it’s Holly’s choice and she’s picked Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas. I’m also reading The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro which is very fantasy based. The characters remind of the Aufwaders from the Whitby Witches- I’ve no idea why!

We have a big reading event at school coming up that I’m planning. I’ve chosen Alice in Wonderland purely for its imagery and versatility. We’re reading the book in class to prepare and it’s such a joy. All adults and children will be dressing up (I’m Alice, obviously..) and the classrooms are all being decorated as different scenes from the book! I’m so excited and hope our tea party for the local MP makes the paper!

Half term now so hopefully some rest, although I have a mountain of work to complete. I’m off to Lincolnshire for a couple of days to see the famalan- well timed too as my dad’s just got a puppy! 😍

Happy weekend!



Sunday Brunch Crochet Club 

Today I’ve had just the best day. I woke up early and had a read of my new book ‘Lie With Me’ by Sabine Durrant. It’s really gripping! I only started yesterday and I’ll be done by bed time!

At 10 Sophie came over and we headed over to the first meeting of Crochet Club at Monty’s in town. The place was packed with hookers, experienced and otherwise. It was lovely to catch up with my old friend Kylie, who I havnt seen for 7 years! 

We shared our projects, crocheted, swapped patterns and ate cake and sandwiches. It was also exciting that Sophie and I got to open our Hygge Shawl crochet a long packs that were ordered in the week. 

Such lovely squishy Scheepjes yarn. 

After that we nipped by DFS where I ordered our new sofa bed for the spare bedroom. M’s spent the weekend racking up the man points and laying flooring in there and I intend to redecorate in greys and yellows, add a little TV and order all my yarn, it’s getting out of hand. M seems to think it’s going to be my new crochet hideaway… more like your Xbox room.. 😂

My attic 24’s making very slow progress! 😩 I’m 3 weeks behind now! But it is looking beautiful. 

This afternoon I spent preparing for a week from hell. My performance review, parents evening, assessments, 4 meetings and an observation. Definitely looking forward to half term!

Because I had work to do, I didn’t fancy making a roast so I put beery beef stew with large herby dumplings into the slow cooker. After a candlelit bath and more book we enjoyed the stew with mustard mash and have cuddled up on the sofa to watch Call the Midwife and Apple Tree Yard. 

Roll on next weekend and half term -I am sensing this week’s going to be a tough one. 


Waltham Abbey Wool show

I went to my first wool show today! The Waltham Abbey Wool Show was hosted by the Marriot Hotel and was a bargain £3.50 with pre booked tickets. Deidre Urys from opened the fair which was brilliant because she obviously had a big pile of her new Sophie’s Universe book (sold out in woolwarehouse) with her which she happily signed. 

I also spent way more time than predicted at the Textile Garden Button stall! 

I tried my hand at rag rugging.  I’ll definitely be trying this soon, I wish I’d got some pictures of the finished ones on the stall! 

There was seriously so much lovely stuff! 

I also bought the pattern for the Mystical Lanterns shawl by Janie Crow. 

That’ll go on the WIP list which clearly isn’t long enough…

Here’s a quick update on the Moorlands CAL, I’m so behind 🙈

Happy Sunday!


Easy Sundays

Back to work proper tomorrow. I have spent Thursday and Friday last week in CPD but the children are back tomorrow. 

I’m actually really looking forward to it. I haven’t been in school all of last half term due to a very long jury service so I feel like I’ve been away forever. 

I woke up this morning at 4.15 when two yoots walked passed my window back from their night out talking loudly about whether Emily should be told. About what I didn’t catch, but they seemed very concerned. Anyway I wasn’t able to fall back to sleep and soon got that horrible nauseous feeling I get when I wake up too early. I always thought it was anxiety of flying as I only ever seemed to get it when I got up super early for holiday. But I’ve realised it’s just an early morning things, my stomachs obviously not used to be woken up. 

Last night I started the new attic 24 CAL: the Moorland blanket. We took a trip to Sconch in Braintree and I bought the first 5 colours. I’d toyed with the idea of getting the woolwarehouse pack but decided to put money into a local business. Anyway last night, after a couple of glasses of wine admittedly, I gave up as I couldn’t keep to the rhythm and kept having to frog all the way back. It’s not a blanket where you can cover up your mistakes! 

So at 5 this morning with a cup of tea I came down stairs to crack it. It was surprisingly simple once I’d got the hang of it. It involves counting and checking repeatedly but once you get into the rhythm of walking across the valley for 4, up the mountain for two, two stitches at the top and back down for two.. it’s quite enjoyable. After I’d watched a couple of episodes of Delicious and an interesting program about gardening and keeping chickens, I decided to get on the evening meal. 

I’ve had this slow cooker for 7 years and couldn’t do without it, especially in the colder months. I chopped up an onion and fried off the beef in some coconut oil. I added a selection of herbs and spices and some garlic salt, whatever was at the front of the cupboard. I then chopped up some swede and carrots and put them in the slow cooker with some water and some beef stock cubes. I then added the fried off beef and glazed the beef pan with a couple of glasses of red. This was then added to the crock. The beef’s not as tough as I usually buy so it won’t need too long but will be done in about 6/7 hours. I will serve with creamy mash and herby dumplings. 🤤 

I also managed to get to the gym this morning! It was lovely to get back into some competitive yoga. It’s not quite the same in your front room with no one to judge you.. I did fall asleep during relaxation at the end though so obviously getting up so early wasn’t a great idea. I intend to spend the rest of the day doing a couple of loads of washing, finishing the first 10 rows of the CAL and watching Fortitude. 

This evening I’ll be having a bath and a facemask after tea and start my new book club book ‘All for Nothing’ by Walter Kemposki. Then an early night ready for the morning. 

I love Sundays! What are you up to today? Have you started the CAL?


Gallery Upchurch Blogger Event 

Christmas has been so manic I’ve been meaning to publish this for a couple of weeks. 

In December I was invited to The Gallery at Upchurch Jewllers in Colchester. I took my friend Mel along with me.  The evening was lovely. We browsed the beautiful jewellery and took part in a woodland creature treasure hunt between the two shops. There was bubbly and it was great to chat to other bloggers. 

I came away with two beautiful Muru necklaces from their talisman collection. We were also given amazing goody bags including earrings and Thomas Sabo diaries. 

Now that I know the jewellers is there I will most definitely be visiting again to fill up my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet. 


New Years in a Beach Hut!

So we had the best New Year ever! My dad, step mum and her parents (and two dogs!) came for the weekend to celebrate new year. It’s also my step mum’s birthday on New Years Eve so double celebrations. SM has always wanted to go to Mersea island so I told dad about the Little Beach Hut Company on Mersea and we rented their cute little Bertie for New Year’s Day as a birthday surprise.

The hut was small but well equipped and we were able to make bacon sandwiches and tea for 6 as soon as we got there. The weather held all morning and we took a lesisurely stroll down the beach, past the old oyster beds and into mariner. The beach was the busiest we had ever seen it and it was lovely to take the dogs! We met so many Christmas puppies too!

We arrived back at the beach hut as the heavens opened and we all huddled in made fresh tea and had left over birthday cake. The day was rounded off by a trip to the pub for a couple of pints. 

Walking up the beach is obviously good for you because I was in bed by 9.30 last night and my legs are a bit achey this morning! Incidentally we received Little Beach Hut gift vouchers with afternoon tea for Christmas from M’s mum and dad! So we’ll be back soon! 

We were also given an early wedding anniversary gift.. it’s a beautiful jar filled with pebbles and confetti from outside of the venue on our big day! Such a good idea and so beautiful! 

How did you see the new year in?


Christmas in Yorkshire 

Christmas! All over 😔 I’m feeling a little sad it’s all over but I have some good things to look forward to: starting a new diary, diet and gym routine, resolutions, the new Attic 24 CAL, booking the summer holiday and spending New Year’s Day in a beach hut on Mersea Island. 

Christmas has been lovely this year. M and I rented a hayloft conversion (not as grand as a barn) near Ripon in North Yorkshire. It was our first Christmas spent alone and it was lovely! It was really stormy but the place was cosy and warm and I cooked my very first Christmas dinner! 

On Christmas Day we went for a long walk round the country lanes, saw the farm’s resident donkeys and then opened a bottle of red and dozed whilst dinner was cooking. After a late dinner we watched Home Alone 😁

Boxing Day was spent mooching around York. We had breakfast in a weird and wonderful bistro called Mr P’s curious Tavern. We then stumbled across the Yorkshire Soap Co shop and it’s sister business The Imaginarium which reminded me of Alice and Wonderland and Edgar Allan Poe. 

We went to Harrogate on the 27th on our way back down the M1 to visit my mum. Harrogate was also lovely and we filled up on cakes and hot chocs at the famous Bettys tearoom (no apostrophe!). 

On our way home we stopped in for the night at my Mum’s. It was nice to see family and swap presents! Matt and I got a pasta maker- we had classes on our honeymoon and can’t wait to get making our own! 

I haven’t crocheted in days and am feeling a definite withdrawal! Can’t wait to order my Moorlands pack. 

How was your Christmas? 



Forever Young..

Things that tell me I’m nearly 30. 

I know it’s not a biggie like 40 is and every person over the age of 35 loves to tell me how young I am but I honestly thought I’d never get old! So some of these things have come as a shock. These are the things have happened to me in the last couple of years that remind me I’m nearly 30. 

I’m getting spots- I’ve never had spots before, now I’m like a teenager. Also my skins suddenly gone from dry to combination 

I don’t heal as fast- I went over on my ankle a few months ago and it’s still ‘gives me gip’ 

Stuff repeats on me- what a stupid thing to say I thought when younger and an older member of the family would say this. Now I have a list of things I’m wary of as I can taste them for days! 

Meat makes me sweat- in particular lamb, you know you have to sleep naked after a lamb roast because that’s gonna be rocking up the temperature 

I love vegetables- especially Brassica oleracea, that’s cabbages, caulis and Brussels to you and me!

Hangovers have now gone into lasting two days- they said it would happen, I didn’t believe them

Not having hangovers- I now know when to stop!

A night out on the town takes recovery- aside from the two day hangover, my legs feel like I’ve been at a body pump class after a night dancing in heels

Pants are for comfort and nothing else- The only thong I own is for yoga. (Edit:this has been rectified this week)

Roast dinners happen on Sundays- I feel disconcerted if this doesn’t happen

10 o clock is bed time- at university I remember thinking that I’d never gotten into bed before midnight during my first year as there was too much partying to be had, not going to bed was also a common occurrence, I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Well it turns out I must have died because once it gets past 10 I start getting worried I might not be able to get up the next day.

Toilet trips in the night- I’ve always prided myself on the capacity of my bladder. Recently however, I’ve been making trips at 4 in the morning 

I don’t care as much- I’ve found myself not caring what other people think of me, not getting so worked if I may have upset someone, not caring about being told off, I still have a way to go but I’ve definitely relaxed into it

I get annoyed when I’m not ID’d- this used to bug me no end when I was 23 but now I’m 28 I love to do that little raise of the eyebrows, smug smile and hand over my driving license… and their look of shock and ‘you look so much younger!’

I’m buying moisturiser based on my skin type- who knew it made a difference!

I wear sunglasses to ‘protect me eyes’

I choose shoes based on how much support they give to my arch… 

I’ve not seen the inside of a topshop in years

I go round shops picking up clothes and say ‘I wore this exact item to a school disco in ’96’

I get regular hair cuts 

I would rather spend a night in with my husband than a night out with friends

I’m not as flexible as I used to be. I’m hyper mobile so have always been pretty bendy but in the last few years this has lessened!

What’s changed for you as you’ve got older?