Where’s Autumn?

These first few weeks back at school have been more stressful than normal. There’s a lot to do and a never ending to do list that makes me feel more like an admin person than a teacher. I haven’t enjoyed my job as much as I usually do. But less about that. I’ve recently started a 6 week course of reflexology and I’m into my third week. I suffer from swollen and burning feet at night and found that a course of reflexology eliminated the problem a couple of years ago but it’s crept back. The reflex is incredibly relaxing and it’s interesting to see the changes my body goes through over the week physically and emotionally. 

In terms of crochet I’ve focusing on my lemon peel stitch ombrĂ© bed blanket. It’s such a monotonous stitch and soft yarn, so relaxing to sit and just let my mind rest. 

There’s me getting all excited for Autumn and the weather goes nuts. I’m up stairs in a classroom with windows on both sides, it’s like a greenhouse! I pull the blinds but the the air can’t get through. I’ve come out in a sweat rash from being so yuk all the time! The kids just sit there like wilting, limp little flowers, bright red with sweaty fringes, poor little things! I suppose the weather’s good for my diet anyway, who wants fish or omelettes in cold weather? 

I’m hoping to get out for a good walk soon and document all the changing colours of the trees, my favourite time of year. 

Here’s a picture of our first dance- it’s nearly been 6 months already, how amazing is that?!


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