New school year resolutions

Because I’m a teacher, September to me is just like New Years. It’s a time to set goals and and make changes. And of course buy new stationery.

The half terms leading up to Christmas are always the longest and when the whole staff is quite ill! This leads to more stress for others leading to yet more illness, a vicious cycle. So my goals this September are focussed on keeping well!

This year I’m resolving to:

Wash my hands more frequently- in a classroom everything has been in someone’s mouth at some point, you get sneezed on, a lot, and the central heating helps the bugs to grow! In the summer I get Pomphollyx eczema on my hands which is a irritating condition caused by sweat where tiny little blisters that form deep in the skin then burst and dry the affected out completely. I’ve been moisturing lots and rinsing my hands every hour this summer (as soap makes it worse) due to this so I’ll just keep this up, combined with antibacterial soap for the Autumn. 

Echinacea daily tablets- never tried it but I’m prone to tonsillitis, sinusitis and ear infections so let’s see if this makes a difference! I might also investigate some sort of multivitamin to help with lethargy to stop me becoming so tired during the winter. 

Fruit and veg intake- I did up this at the start of the year and I felt better for it so I need to concentrate on it again. Just sneaking an extra type of veg into dinners and having fruit instead of staff room cake will be enough! We eat quite well but get stuck in the same cycle of vegetables, we need to vary it a bit. 

More of my vegetarian shepherds pie! Ignore that wine….

Lessen the wine- it’s so bloody calorific! My friends and I like a few bottles on a friday after work but this is no good for my overall health or indeed my stomach. I suffer from belly weight which is really irritating and hard to shift! Perhaps lesson the drinking sessions and swap the wine for vodka and soda! 

Gym- I have a gym membership… It’s just that I don’t use it very often! I need to get commited and motivated, especially in the winter months when it’s dark and dreary and I don’t want to go. I love swimming and at my gym in the evenings they dim the lights and put on music, combine that with the jacuzzi afterwards and it’s almost a treat. I also need to do weekly yoga as for my hyper mobility!

Eat breakfast- I’ve gotten so much better at this! I can’t stomach anything first thing at 6 but when I get into work at 7.45 I love a bit of all bran or porridge. Aldi do cheap packets of flavoured porridge that you can do in a mug which are great for cold autumn mornings!

Keep warm- all that ‘you can’t catch a cold from being cold’ stuff we all used to believe, total bollocks apparently. Shivering lowers your immune system or something, so my mum was right all along! I’m going to start crocheting a scarf and matching hat set next month, treat myself to a pair of new boots and socks and also find a nice coatigan to wear in the classroom to keep snug. 

I saw this on yarnandstyle on Instagram!

Slow cooking- the slow cooker will be making a reappearance after being on top of the cupboard all summer. I may even buy another smaller crock pot. I love coming home to the smell of dinner cooking and just being able to spoon it out into steaming bowls! Mondays are always a slowcooker day in winter as the leftovers from roast dinner get chucked in there with more veg and some stock. I also like to do curries, chilli, casseroles and even fajitas. 

Sleep- I’m good at this to be fair. I’m usually heading up at 10 o clock to read my book for a bit. If it’s gets to 10.30 I start getting panicky! And I usually get 8 hours. It’s the getting up I can’t do! I’m excellent at being showered and dressed with a full face on in 25 minutes but I wish I could have a few more minutes for a cup of coffee and some lunch making! Must try harder. 

What have you got planned for September? How do you prepare for the colder months? 

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4 thoughts on “New school year resolutions

  1. Hope you have a good year, I’m also trying not to get too sick this year, ear infections are a problem, one of my yr 10 classes was really noisy, so in some ways it was a blessing. At least my text book for the new GCSE turned up (Friday) talk about just in time. Have you got many changes to contend with?

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    1. We’ve been on the new curriculum for about 2 years now, such a pain in some subjects as there’s just no resources available! When there’s books and books on the things they’ve dropped 😩 ear infections are the worst! Xxx


      1. They have changed all our courses in one go, I’m in the second year of the new A level, I felt really sorry for those who took the AS this year, the released material had no real resemblance to the exam. At GCSE I have each year group doing something different but new, as we had to change courses for yr 10 last year ( old course i GCSE no longer accept in league tables), why do they make such huge changes in one go. Funny how the GCSE results went down this year, they changed the questions & made it harder, my groups seem OK , don’t have as many A* this year ( in a grammar ) I hate to think how some of the local comps survived.
        Let’s hope we find everything we need, we say well & don’t get any ear infections. Good luck ( we all need it)


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