Sausage Cassoulet

This is one of my favourites. It can be good in the summer with couscous or great in winter with some mash potato!



Makes for two hungry adults

You will need:

6 x sausages

1/3 bottle of red wine

few sprigs of thyme

tin of butter beans

tin of chopped tomatos

6 mushrooms

2 streaks of bacon

two small carrots

1 red onion


In a deep baking tray fry some oil and brown the sausages and bacon on the outside. Add the carrots and onions to soften. You can also put this in the oven for 15 minutes to ensure cooked carrots!

When the tray is hot, pour over the red wine and cook off the alcohol then you can mix in the can of tomatoes and mushrooms. Leave to bubble away for a few minutes including the thyme and maybe some seasoning. Mix in the butter beans and put in the oven. At this point you could include some torn bits of stale bread as crunchy croutons. Leave to bake for about 40 minutes on about 180. You want the top to  brown and the juices to thicken to a nice sauce.

This can then be served with a nice dollop of cheesy mash.



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