It’s a bit blowy!

God bless all the leaves left on the trees! It’s so windy! I love extreme weather but I did find myself contemplating my house insurance policy last night. Dark nights and extreme weather are good for crochet though.

Crochet wise I’ve just finished this chunky plum scarf for M’s birthday (little bit late..) It’s Patons Fab Big in Plum, it says one ball will make a full scarf but clearly Paton’s idea of a chunky scarf and mine differ, as it took me two balls!

I’ve also been steadily coming back to some simple squares in lots of random shades. I want to make a bed blankets but need to start thinking seriously about colour combos so it doesn’t turn into a vomity mess. I’m really inspired by Coco Rosie Textiles and the colours of her blankets, especially this one. I’ve also loved seeing this on Prawn and Pebble, this morning, I love the idea of granny rounds and squares, topped off by Attic 24 inspired edging!


It’s not pay day for a couple of weeks but I’m already planning my next yarn haul, some sugared almond pastels for this bed blanket I think and also some reds, white and green for some Christmas decs!

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