Ivory Chalk Paint

It’s been a busy weekend, M got his DIY hat on and fitted the laminate flooring for my dressing room, we went into the bed shop for a ‘browse’ and bought three beds (!), and I painted my antique dressing table.

I bought the table about 4 years ago from an antiques dealer who were trying to get rid, I won it on their ebay for £17. It’s really useful and holds all my makeup and hair products and the three mirrors are great. I’ve been meaning to paint it for ages but it’s been a daunting task.

Before painting. I experimented a few months ago with a drawer colour.
Before painting. I experimented a few months ago with a drawer colour.
I’ve painted a few pieces of furniture in the house, my last piece was a pine bed side cabinet i won on ebay for a fiver


First I washed and lightly keyed the dresser then I painted it in a couple of layers of antique grey as a base coat


After drying, coated in Rust-oleum’s Chalky Finish furniture paint in antique white.


I’m leaving the top the dark wood as it get’s so covered in foundation powder that it’d show up if it were white. I’m unsure if it will need another coat and I haven’t decided whether I’m going to distress it yet. After that I might varnish it instead of waxing to protect it.

Still need to go over the mirrors
Still need to go over the mirrors
The drawers are also a conundrum. Do I keep their original handles? Do i paint the same antique white or do I use up some of my funky tester pots and paint mix and match peacock, mustard, coffee and coral? (sound awful actually..)

Touched up the landing table whilst I had the paint out too.
Anyway, I also bought some beds! Luckily I have a wheeler dealer fiancee who was able to get ALOT of money off these beds! Our bed is donkey’s old and we have a double in the spare which leaves no room for ‘activities’ (step brothers reference) So we bought three beds on Saturday after telling M we were only going in for a look. We chose a gorgeous dark, solid oak kingsize with mattress topper and a super cute white iron day bed with trundle underneath for guests. Much more space for activities.. Or as I helpfully suggested, baby cots. M chose to ignore this. My first child best be a girl anyway, the spare room’s painted in a very bright Laura Ashley Peony.

Anyway, time to dish up the stew and dumplings, have my Sunday night bath and chill on the sofa in time for Call the Midwife. I love Sundays.

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Chousy x

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