This blanket

This has super inspired me!! Just wow!


What started out 7 weeks ago as a one-square-a-day project,

turned into a bit of a crochet frenzy. But I’ve never been so inspired and eager to use every spare bit of time I had (and sometimes more) to work on this gorgeous pattern, found as a diagram on a Russian website.


Here’s a look at photos from my iPhone…



My first 20 squares were crocheted in St Francis Bay while we were on holiday. Nothing better to do, with the weather wet and windy.


Then I crocheted some more, feeling totally inspired by the colours of the yarns in my stash. I didn’t buy any extra yarns for THE BLANKET. It wasn’t necessary with so much Vinnis Nikkim, Serina and Bambi, some Cowgirl Blues, little bits of Family Knit in grey, Charity’s Tiger Cerise, some Premier Cotton and even a delicious Mustard yellow from One-of-a-kind yarns.



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4 thoughts on “This blanket

  1. Hi. I really enjoy your daily creativity and reading your blog so I nominated you for Liebster Award!! The details of which you can find here: . Hope you don’t mind…Personally I’m not good with things like that…(and it took me a while to respond to my nomination) but I guess there is nothing wrong with getting to know each other a little bit more 🙂

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