Happy Half Term Holiday

The last couple of days are definitely showing signs of spring, the blue skies and bright sunshine make the temperature deceptive.

This half term’s been a relaxed one, I cuddled a baby, visited family, went to my first Stitch and Bitch, bought a MAC foundation, had two house viewings and viewed a house. I also managed to do a morning of masters work to keep on top of it all.

After my simple granny square baby blanket was gifted (now known as the pineapple blanket) I was able to start on the beautiful Sirdar Colourwheel I bought a few weeks ago. I’ve decided to go with moss stitch and see how much 150grams will make.

Currently reading the prequel to Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic, The Rules of Magic, which I’m loving! I love books about witches and magic in the real world and it’s written beautifully.

Our house viewings went as well as a no offer could go.. Great feedback but always something: too far from the station, wrong side of town. It does make me wonder whether people know how to use the google map function. Maybe they’re looking for something that will make them think ‘wowsers trousers’ and the location won’t matter.

The house viewed was amazing and made us feel better that we can still get what we need for the right price. It was a spacious house with everything we needed, impressive hallway and gallery landing and amazingly retro carpets and wallpaper. I love this though as the transformation could be magnificent. We’re still very much in love with the sea view house though so it’d be a tough decision. A decision we aren’t yet in a position to make.

Anyway, holding out for more spring viewings, still trying to remain positive! Here are some pictures from my half term

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