A long wait!

After months and months of waiting and being bloody miserable we finally got an offer on a house. I’ve been radio silent for a few months because I have literally nothing to say and felt that I’d starting repeating myself in every post! It has seemed like forever and hasn’t been a very pleasant experience.

We accepted the offer and have promised to vacate as soon as. This makes me a little sad that we will be homeless for a short time but I also get that it means we’re in a very strong position.

We did a mammoth house hunt (7!) yesterday and narrowed it down to 2. Both totally different! One had original features, Laura Ashley interiors, shaker kitchen and a hot tub. The other had a double garage, a massive garden and great potential. I was imagining all the birthday parties we could have in that garden and all the walls we could knock down… both were less than 2 minute walk to the beach huts so location wise- brilliant.

It’s a really exciting time for us at the moment after so long waiting but the universe knows when the time’s right and everything happens for a reason!

This was my card of the day yesterday before house hunting. It’s about potential, the beginning of a journey, creativity and the desire to accomplish goals. It’s adventure and trusting in a leap of faith! Very apt. I’m hoping for a particular major arcana card now as it shares the name of an address from yesterday. That would be very definitive!

saw this little guy the morning we were made the offer, very fortuitous, as he is the symbol of adaptability and growth. Plus he’s got a house on his actual back so..

This one will be happy to have a new garden to explore. May need some major bunny proofing though! đŸ™„

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