Ochre and russet ombré

I’ve seriously neglected the old blog recently. I had such a lovely summer seeing family and friends, crocheting in the garden and spending time with M I couldn’t bring myself to sit inside and type on a laptop that reminded me of all the work I had to do.

I’m back at school now and I have my first sickness bug of the year! Deep joy! Had a very long lay in today and have dragged myself up to eat some dry toast and catch up on some period drama TV that I know M won’t want to watch.

Speaking of period drama, Downton returned to our screens on Sunday! It’s my absolute favorite thing and I was really looking forward to it. I know it’s gone a little twee and tame in recent series but I love it nonetheless.

The seasons are definitely changing, the early morning shower isn’t as pleasurable now as I hop out desperate to get  dry and dressed! I do love Autumn though, as the nights draw in and the muted knits come out. It’s an excellent excuse to use the slow cooker almost daily and snuggle under blankets in the evening. The TV always gets really good on the run up to Christmas.

I can never decide what season I like best but it’s a definite toss up between Autumn and Spring. These are the seasons with the most change, I feel in Autumn that the earth’s getting ready for a long sleep through the winter. I love the way the leaves turn such beautiful shades of copper, ochre, russet and chestnut in an ombre effect. The air is crisp and smells of bonfires and as the evenings draw in the light from the streetlamps is misty.

Every early November I visit family friends and stir the Christmas pudding and make a wish. They live in Surrey and I always take note of the changes in the trees down there. My memories of these Christmas pudding stirrings are synonymous with Autumn.

I’ve been crocheting a lot recently, a baby blanket for a friend with a fun bobble stitch edging, a gorgeous chunky infinity scarf for myself, a soft slouchy beanie and a chunky knit snood for my Nanny on the 70th birthday. I’ve just received some beautiful grey and mauve t shirt yarn from a friend and intend to make some bedroom accessories, a rug and linen basket perhaps… Also on my to do list is a dinosaur for a special little boy and lots of Christmas presents!

Infinity scarf- great for the season, totally lost the brand and name tag!
Infinity scarf- great for the season, totally lost the brand and name tag!
Nanny’s snood- King Cole Gypsy yarn in Bouquet.
Really enjoyed this, the yarn was so soft.
Really enjoyed this, the yarn was so soft.

Anyway enough from me, I’m exhausted. I intend to do some autumnal walks soon so will get lots of photos of those colours I was talking about.

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6 thoughts on “Ochre and russet ombré

  1. That’s why I could never move abroad – I love the change of the seasons so much and couldn’t possibly pick a favourite as they each have their attractions. Cosying up under a blanket to crochet by an open fire is just as pleasant as stretching out on the day bed under the gazebo in the sunshine with a bit of knitting as far as I’m concerned:)


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