Looking forward to Autumn already! 

I honestly do think I have an obsession with the equinox seasons Spring and Autumn. Even now in the height of summer (18•C and drizzling), I’m looking forward to early Autumn. I wrote a similar post in September last year 

The start of a new school year, new pencil cases and notebooks, slowcookers, preparing winter crochet colours in plum and forest green, back to hot roast dinners on a Sunday, with crumble to follow and Sunday night TV (no Downton but Poldark’s back 4th September!)

Thick tights, woolly scarves, central heating, country vegetable soup, extra blankets on the bed, pumpkins and Christmas pudding stirring. 

New boots, gift lists, spice scented candles, tartan cushions, bonfires, pea coats and beef stew. 

I think winter and summer are always such let downs, it never snows and it’s never warm for long periods; but the changing seasons can always be relied upon, the trees will always change colour. 

What’s your favourite season?

Photo credit to Picture: Matt Cardy/Getty Images Telegraph

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