Rain and heart shaped pebbles

What happened to the weather? I’ve been stuck in the classroom for the past few weeks with tropical temperatures outside and as soon as we break up we get a week of downpours! Those first couple of rainy days at home did give me a perfect excuse to do some Peaky Blinders and Jordskott binge watching between napping on the sofa though, I always crash at the start of the holidays.

The rain and darkness makes me very excited for Autumn. I love late September when you’re just starting to think about Christmas, the airs a bit chilly, stews and casseroles are back on the menu, bed socks can be worn, hot chocolates, knitwear, scarves, cosy blankets, the return of Downton, hot apple crumble after Sunday dinner… But i must stop, don’t wish the summer away!

I’ve been travelling the country catching up with family and friends this week which has been really lovely. Doubly so as i haven’t seen many of my family since Christmas so it’s been nice chatting about wedding plans and seeing my cousin’s new baby (another amigurumi excuse!).

This week in crochet I have worked on a crocheted chimpanzee for my bridesmaids little boy (coming soon!).

I have also been over to a giftshop wholesalers and a Range to look for wedding bits! You can see here that I’ve been pinteresting madly recently. Because we’re getting married by the beach, I’m going for a nautical/sea side theme with the colours coral and navy. But it’s too easy to go overboard (pun..) and make it look tacky.

I didn’t go too spending crazy, I’m hoping to make lots of things myself, crochet things, keep it simple. Hopefully everyone will be having far too good a time to notice my table decs!

These packs of heart shaped pebbles will be perfect for place names
These packs of heart shaped pebbles will be perfect for place names
Mersea  Island beach hut inspiration
Mersea Island beach hut inspiration

I have so many posts lined up in the next few weeks, I just need to get home and write them!

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One thought on “Rain and heart shaped pebbles

  1. Oh, I agree about the seasons! I love each one for its own attributes and could never see myself living in Spain (unlike my husband) as I would miss it too much. Looks like you’re having heaps of fun with wedding related stuff:)

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