I like this supermarket, but I LOVE this one.

I’ve been shopping for the both of us for the past 6 years now and we’ve moved that many times that I’ve tried all the major supermarkets. I’m a big list fan, meal list and then an ingredients list in order of the shop layout. I refuse to look at BOGOFs and I rarely buy branded. I also try to cook my own meals from scratch and will plan meals that use duplicate ingredients. I’m usually quite good at sticking to the list and if I see something I fancy I’ll substitute it for another meal. However, places like Tesco have that big book aisle which I can never ignore and also stationary that always needs picking up, oh and don’t forget the clothes!

One day, when moaning about food bills, my step mum suggested Aldi. At first I turned my nose up. I’d been in an Aldi once, full of camping equipment and unknown brands.. But because my weekly shop was costing me anything from £40-£60 a week for two of us I decided to give it a go. That was 2 years ago and I cant remember the last time I went into a major supermarket. I just love Aldi, I am properly converted! They have a large selection of everything, which is getting better every month. The veg is fresh and cheap and the meat is of a high quality yet amazingly priced. In fact, in the two years of shopping there the only thing I cannot get is suet for my dumplings!

Obviously I can’t get all my beauty products in the same place, but that in itself has saved me money as now I only go to boots for what I need. Their shower gels do the job and their Lacura facewipes are the most moist and luxurious I’ve ever tried! Even their alcohol is cheap! £5 prosecco anybody? Aldi also have a garden range which sell a wide variety of plants and trees outside, we’ve had two trees now for a tenner each! Oh and don’t forget their flower selection! I always pick up a small bunch of tulips or irises for £2, or some large sunflowers for £3. Christmas was also great at Aldi. They do all the usual including cheeses, pates, stollen, mulled wine, puddings etc.

I know everyone complains that the parking’s not great (just go off peak), you have to pay for your trolley (£ coin on keys) and you have to pack your own bags after you’ve paid, but in all honestly, do you want to pay a third more to be able to pack your bags at the till?

Anyway the price… It’s become a bit of a joke now, I rarely spend more than £35 a week. In fact even when I get to the till and think ‘surely I’m looking at £40+’ it never is! Even at Christmas I didn’t bat an eyelid!

So because I was yet again amazed this week I’ve decided to share with you my shopping.

Weekly Meals

Saturday lunch- selection of sandwiches and cake

Saturday- Beef burgers in buns

Sunday- Roast chicken dinner with crumble and custard for after

Monday- Sausage Cassoulet

Tuesday- Thai red curry with roast dinner chicken leftovers

Wednesday- Salmon and new potatoes

Thursday- Lasagna

Friday- Pasta with cassoulet sausage leftovers

Coronation chicken ingredients for sandwiches and salads for lunches

Eggs and flour for cakes

My Receipt: Saturday 1.8.14

fabric conditioner- £0.99 (just like comfort!)

lasagne 1KG £2.69 (I did cheat buying a readymeal but it really is better than mine!)

self rasing flour 1.5kg £0.45

mature cheddar slices £1.49

irish recipe sausages £0.89

fruit strudel £0.89 (a weekly staple in our house now)

celery £0.34

apples £0. 99

carrots 1Kg £0.49

red onions £0.89

small whole chicken £2.75

ready to serve custard £0.49

maris piper baby potatoes £0.89

scourers £0.55

4pk luxury toilet tissue £1.45

salmon fillets £2.99

lamb quarter pounders £1.65

chicken breasts 540g £3.35

6 large eggs £0.65

fat free natural yoghurt £0.45

thai curry sauce £0.69

chopped tomatoes £0.31

baked beans £0.24

white rolls £0.49

hovis farmhouse loaf £1.15

stir through pasta sauce £0.89

fruit and fibre cereal £1.49

= 30.59

Now obviously I already had things like caster sugar for my cakes, some green veg and pasta but I don’t think this is bad at all. On end of the month weeks I’ve honestly done a very frugal shop for under £15 and M’s never noticed!

So, if you haven’t already then do give budget supermarkets like Aldi and Lidel a go. Most of their own brand products such as bread and sauces are the same as the big supermarkets own brand just with a different label on them. Find your local store here and take the Aldi challenge!

I am in no way sponsored by Aldi but if they’d like to send me freebies then I’m open to that 🙂 Let me know your experiences and best buys.

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One thought on “I like this supermarket, but I LOVE this one.

  1. I buy and cook exactly the same way you do but the nearest Aldi is over half an hour’s drive away, so we shop at Morrison’s in the nearest town. Our weekly bill is around £100 for the five of us which, at £20 a head, isn’t too bad. Cooking from scratch (I even make my own butter!) means we get loads more for our money. It makes me wonder how much cheaper Aldi would be though – probably not the twenty pounds it would cost in petrol to do the round trip:)


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