There’s More To Life Than Books, But Not Much More.

I have finally finished a book! I absolutely love reading but for the past few years I’ve been struggling to finish any. I find that if I become in the slightest bit bored i just dump it and go for something new. Since I’ve had my kindle I’ve found that I’ve been reading some real trash because their selling prices have been so cheap.

However, a few weeks ago I went to Tesco (where I’ve stopped shopping completely) and bought a real book. How lovely to smell that fresh booky smell and look at the glossy front cover, no more battery drain woes either. It is hard to get used to the weight of a book again though, the constant shifting around in bed at night to prop the book up because my arms are too tired to lift it… However, with some perseverance I finished it.


The book in question is Larkswood by Valerie Mendes. I nearly always judge a book by it’s cover (that’s what it’s there for after all) and this one seemed gothic and reminded me of an excellent ghostly kindle read I read a couple of years ago called the room beyond.

The story’s set in two different eras 1896 and 1939 months before the outbreak of WW2. It concerns two generations of the same family and the infamous, scandal surrounded family home of Larkswood. It has a good few twists and turns and although I guessed one twist I was pleasantly surprised with the others. Larkswood was an enjoyable read and whilst it didn’t hook me like some books I’ve read (you know the kind of book where you consider calling in sick just to finish?), it did keep tempting me back most nights as it was an easy wind down. Sometimes the characters could be a little nauseating, but there was a darkness about it that kept me hooked. Whilst reading it I was strongly reminded of Jane Eyre and the mad woman in the attic…

Next up it’s The Hourglass Factory, a debut from Lucy Ribchester. It promises a mystery to be solved, the suffragette movement, the circus and corset fetishists. Right up my street!


I’ve tried to get my colleagues at work to form a hook and book group as we have a couple of crocheters, knitters and readers but no one seems very forthcoming. What with a massive workload in school at the moment I don’t think any one has time for reading! I’m going to sacrifice my facebooking and crap telly watching!

If anyone wants to join me I’ll be starting it this week, would love to know what you think! I will post a review shortly, although it looks like a long book!

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