Shaker your money maker

Today I am full on exhausted.. Yesterday me and some colleagues took part in the first ever comic relief Danceathon. 6 hours of pure dance hell joy.

The three of us managed to raise £400 by the end of it which smashed our £150 target so it was all worthwhile. Try telling that to my muscles this morning though…

I hate dancing unless I’m in high heels with a glass of wine, it is NOT my idea of fun.. The only thing that pushed me to get up so early Sunday morning was the thought of seeing my favourite, Kirstie Allsopp!


Anyway, if you’re feeling generous, you can still donate here!!

2 thoughts on “Shaker your money maker

  1. Well done – what a result! I’m with you on the dancing thing, no Zumba for me (unless stilettos and a large Rioja are allowed). My “Crafternoon” is tomorrow- here’s hoping I can raise a good amount of cash for Comic Relief too:)

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