How to be crafty in poppin’ the question

I knew who my bridesmaids would be as soon as M asked me to marry him… Now it was time to ask them! I waited 4 months so that at least two of them were together (it was impossible arranging for all three). It was agonising talking about weddings with them all when all i wanted to shout was “I’m talking about you wearing that dress!! It’ll be you sleeping in this bridal suite the night before!” “you need to learn to perfect this hairstyle!”

Anyway i was very good at keeping my big mouth shut and spent weeks browsing pinterest for interesting way to pop the question.. There were so many lovely ideas but i wanted to make something they could keep.

I was inspired by something from Etsy but obviously gave it my own crocheted twist.

Firstly get a small decoupage box from a craft store. Then measure out card circles to cut out (note:make them smaller than the box.. unlike me who drew round the box.. duh)


Get a clever friend to write your message in italics


Including a little one glued in the bottom! Then draw round the disks in silver and gold pen.


Then design something for the lid. I crocheted a small flower using treble crochets and sewed it to a piece of felt with a button on top. The felt meant i could glue the corsage to the lid without too much mess.


String together your card circles with a needle and yarn, knotting or chain stitching so it doesn’t pull through. I also picked some cute red duck ticking ribbon and glued this round the box but you can’t really see it in the picture. You could decoupage your box which would also be lovely.


Et Voila!


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