Sunshine, pink gin and tandem kayaks

I had become so down in the last few months not knowing exactly when we were moving. Then we found out we would be completing in 9 days. I was not mentally prepared at ALL for this. I couldn’t even speak when I found out and promptly burst into tears. I was so sad to leave the house where we have such wonderful memories and feeling excited but very apprehensive about moving on. Why am I so frightened as an adult? I thought you got braver over time.

We broke the chain as we promised and are now staying with family until we complete on our new house, this will give us time to prepare and the luxury of a slow move in if we need to.

Packing was a nightmare. The loft alone took two evenings and about 5 trips to the dump. But I do feel very refreshed and de cluttered, knowing that everything coming to the new house is wanted and there’s no clutter or rubbish.

Whilst we wait we’ve been languishing in the in laws gorgeous thatched cottage. Mainly drinking gin, napping in the summer house and eating alfresco.

This weekend Matt surprised me by buying a tandem kayak! I’ve always wanted one as I like to chat whilst we paddle and also means I can have a little rest without having to catch up 🙊 he’s put me at the front though so he can keep and eye on me..

We took it to the beach yesterday and had a wonderful time splashing about and getting soaked.

It’s officially school holidays now but I still have lots of uni work to do for my Master’s so I plan to get that done this week. Hopefully we will be given a move in date soon. I’m hoping for before our holiday in August 🤞🏻

How are you enjoying summer?

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