Packing up

It’s been a very exciting couple of weeks with all the things that have been going this year coming to a head.

We made an offer on a lovely four bed detached, 2 minutes from the beach and eventually (after much back and forth) had it accepted. It was quite funny as, although I liked it, I was having to tell M to play it cool, which isn’t usually the way of things. Eventually though, we realised it was a very good deal and we would hate to miss it.

It’s needs lots of TLC which has meant a new pinterest board! When we’re in, we will start to make proper plans about changing the space and decoration but first we need to leave this house.

I feel really sad that we’re moving this house. We watched this house be built up from its foundations, it was our first proper home together and we are the only ones who have lived here. We got engaged in this house and then married, have had celebrations and parties, pets and many many cars. I’m sure we will make all the same lasting memories in our new house but this one will always be special to us.

It’s time to pack now. Half looking forward to it but I’m sure it’s going to be a complete chore. It will be nice to get my life organised and have a big chuckout of stuff! A cleanse. I keep thinking we don’t have much to pack and should only take an hour or so to do the entire house… but experience of moving house in my adult life alone (6 times) tells me this just isn’t he case. This time I have treated myself to some actual cardboard box house moving kits. In the past we have relied on drawers, bin bags and scavenged boxes from department stores. This time I’m labelling every box with a detailed contents and to which room it needs to be delivered to in the new house… I’m feeling optimistic!

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