Waiting game

Selling a house is looooonnngggg and very boring. I’m quite offended that we’ve not been beating away the hoards of housebuyers wanting to buy our house. I mean, we might not want to live here anymore (I feel mean even saying that..) but that doesn’t mean others shouldn’t!

I think we’re both feeling a little disheartened at the moment. We’ve seen several properties on Mersea this month, all with amazing potential. Some have it all and would need very little doing to them, others are under budget but with amazing development potential. But until we sell our house, it’s all pipe dreams!

I just keep hoping that perhaps it’s because our dream ‘meant to be’ house hasn’t come on the market yet. When this happens, ours will be snapped up and we’ll be ready to move forward. Thinking about it this way eases my stress considerably.

Anyway, I thought I’d keep you updated. Here’s a picture of Mersea to show you why we’re doing it!

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