We Have a Winner!

Two New Years ago I made it my NY resolution to win something. I began entering lots of competitions on Facebook and Instagram. Small things mostly, like hand dyed yarn, candles, stitch markers, pattern books etc. I wasn’t going to be greedy and wanted to win something I did actually want rather than a lifetimes supply of tampax (although thinking about it, this would be useful). 

As some of you may well remember, I fell in love with the Body Shop and all it’s wonderful produce a few months ago when my bridesmaid became a rep (see here for my haul)

She regularly runs raffles and prize draws on her Facebook page and I will often enter because I’m a nice friend like that… but have pretty much given up all hope of winning anything. 

Anyway, this month she posts a raffle for the ’35 days of ultimate advent-ure ultimate advent calendar’… quite a claim!

 I bought 3 numbers: birthdays, anniversary and house number and guess what… the house number only went and won it for me! (Auspicious perhaps, as we’re trying to sell?)

So my run upto Christmas is going to be A-mazing! I’m so excited to collect my prize and will be sure to do product reviews throughout December! 

Faith in competition luck restored! 

If you want to enter her small, cheap and easily winnable raffles then join her group here! Indulge with Claire’s Cosmetics 

What competitions have you won? 

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