Kayak Adventures

So we’ve taken up kayaking as a weekend hobby. We’ve been together a few times to Dedham and Paper Mill lock in chelmsford but today we decided to explore the Stour by Stoke by Nayland. 

The day started off a bit hairy when a gang of nearly fully grown signets came and bum rushed me as I was getting in my kayak and started hissing aggressively. I was quite scared until M told me to get a grip…

We then kayaked up and along the river passing lots of lovely houses with gardens backing on to the river. The river narrowed in places and was very weedy but it was quite magical, especially going under bridges. 

Then when we got to the town and couldn’t go further due to a large grate, we turned back and paddled through a very scary tunnel under the road..

Here we joined the main river which was a lovely paddle all the way up to a large pond with a Mill house and a loud rushing weir. We portaged (got out and carried the boats around) the weir before realising that there was a river side pub near where the car was parked so we paddled back the way we came, this time we were with the current so we’re able to relax a little and do little pirouettes down the river, bashing into each other and laughing our heads off. 

We portaged a weir once more and found ourselves in a narrow little stream where my cousin got stuck sideways trying to take a selfie. Eventually we made it to the pub and all clambered out. M went to get the car whilst my cousin and I ordered burgers and hot chocolates. 

I absolutely love my new hobby and just hope the weather stays nice so we have a few more weeks left! 

How was your Saturday?

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