A chill in the air 

This morning definitely hearalded the end of summer. 

It was quite stormy and wild Monday morning but by the time I was on the road it had brightened up. This morning it was a chilly 8 degrees and still quite dark at 7am.

The way to work is an early autumnal colour palette of bright greens, pale yellows with some browns creeping in. No oranges just yet.  There’s a stretch of road lined with sweet chesnut trees which have littered their spiky fruit across the pavements. Perhaps some more foraging this weekend? 

We intend to kayak around the inlets and creeks of Mersea Island this weekend and I’m starting to regret not taking M up on his offer of a new wind proof jacket last weekend… 

We also have plans to visit Norwich this weekend to meet up with family for a roast dinner. Can’t beat a carvery. 

The start of term has been very jam packed! So much to set up and organise. I really took for granted how much I knew at my old school, it’s weird to be the new girl after so long. I’ve enjoyed my early nights and early mornings though, I feel very busy and productive. 

When summer’s over and the carefree feel disappears I think there’s nothing more you can do other than hunker down, get busy and start preparing for hibernation! 

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