Magical Mersea- a house selling journey 

There’s a reason the busiest time to sell your house is September. 

I think it’s to do with summer holidays: people have a chance to rest and relax and think about what they have, what they want and how they’re going to achieve it.

This summer, we’ve had some proper thinking time about what we have and what we’re aiming for. It feels so good to have someone who has the same dream as you, you’re both heading in the same direction and will help each other along the way.

We’ve decided that, although we adore our house, it would be a good decision to trade up to something more permanent, with location location location being the operative word. 

Both of us are water babies, we love the sea, the beach, the coast, walking, beach huts, sunsets, village life, you name it. We’re lucky enough to have the stunningly beautiful Mersea Island on our doorstep and have decided that that’s where we’d like to base ourselves for the future. 

It’s all gone surprisingly quickly and our house is on the market. The photos that have been taken remind me of what a lovely house this is and I feel quite guilty about abandoning it. We watched it being built from the earliest foundations and started married life within its walls. We have some very very happy memories here but it’s time to make happy memories somewhere else. 

Mersea Island (from the Old English Meresig, meaning Island of the pool) has been a holiday destination since Roman times. It’s famous for its fishing, in particular its Oysters, which you can sample at the islands handful of restaurants. Connected to the mainline by The Strood, a causeway which floods during high tide, it’s easy to feel like you are in a different world. The island is surrounded by magical, glistening mud flats that attract a host of interesting wildlife. And of course there is the beach with its iconic row of pastel beach huts! 

Because we have family and friends from all over the country, we often have visitors. I expect a lot more visits if we were to live on Mersea! It would be like a mini summer holiday for our friends and family! That’s why it’s important we have a spare room!

We went the on the bank holiday weekend and enjoyed some winkles and chips whilst overlooking the water. Matt and a friend kayacked along the coast whilst my cousin and I soaked up the sun. On the way back to the car I found a painted stone called a Mersea Rock, made by the locals. I’m taking it as a sign! 

Anyway, fingers crossed we sell and are able to start making serious offers on houses on the island 🤞🏻

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