Kalimera Kefalonia! 

So I accidentally deleted most of the photos from my blog 😬 I don’t want to talk about it…

Anyway, so here’s a new blog all about our lovely summer holiday to Kefalonia, Greece. 

Kefalonia is one of the quieter Ionian islands to the west of mainland Greece. We stayed in the quiet harbour village of Katelios on the south of the island. Our apartments were about 10 minutes walk from the main village which consists of 2 minimarts, cocktail bars and a good range of beach side restaurants and tavernas. 

Our days were spent either exploring the coastal ports of the island by boat or by reading on the beach. 

There was lots of cocktails on this holiday!

Crystal clear waters! 

The seafood was to die for! 

I read loads too, as did M, who doesn’t usually like reading. The weather was scalding hot but we found a new love of snorkelling! By the end of the week we were both really at good at talking through our snorkels to each other! I burned my bum watching an octopus for nearly and hour! 🐙 

The food was great, our new favourite is Gyros and a large plate of tzatziki, mmmm! And so cheap!

We both definitely recommend Kefalonia and would love to return one day. Feeling slightly sad that summers pretty much over now but I always welcome the Autumn. 🍂 We have got a 3 day trip to Amsterdam booked in October though so that’s something to look forward to! 👏🏼 


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