Self Care- tips for when you’re feeling low. 

We all have times in our lives when we’re feelings a bit low. You might not be able to sleep, be overly emotional, be ill, have bad skin, feel anxious or worried, have back pain.. whatever it is it’s important to recognise the signs of stress and take steps to alleviate it.

Work out what your worries are- write them down and then think of the worst possible scenario. Prepare yourself mentally for that scenario and think about what you will do if that happens. Then work backwards from this thinking about the likelihood of this scenario and steps you can do to prevent it. 

Surround yourself with loving, fun, friendly and upbeat people- drains and radiators! Work out who’s draining you of your energy, being negative and making you feel less than sparkly when you see them. You don’t need these people right now. Who warms you up? Who makes you laugh? Who loves you? Who is fun? Who listens? Who’s practical and a good a problem solver? Talking to a friendly person is such a good anxiety soother. 

Plan- plan for the future, whether it’s later in the day, next weekend, next month, or next year. Set goals, write action plans, create mood boards. Having something to look forward to does wonders for your well being. Whether it’s lunch with a friend, a mini break, a course or travelling,  anything in the diary will make you feel sunnier. 

Declutter- I’m a firm believer in Chi, and the movement of positive energy around a space. Negative energy can get stuck, like dust, if things are left to go stagnant and stale in your surroundings. Organise your wardrobe, chuck out those disgusting shoes, clean out your makeup drawer, wash all your bed linen, open some windows. If you don’t have the energy, just tidying your handbag can make you feel better. 

Shop- I know it’s not exactly the best advice but retail therapy always makes me feel better. As long as I don’t splurge (buyers guilt) buying something new always lifts me. 

Sleep- go to bed for gods’ sake. Lack of sleep is the number one cause of anxiety, in my opinion. That and sambuca shots, but that’s a different story. If you’re not tired then tire yourself out by excercising or going on a big walk. Stay away from caffeine and awful energy drinks too. 

Stay away from alcohol- hangxiety is the worst. 

Eat yummy and nutritious foods- cook for friends and family, or just yourself. 

Read- read something positive, inspiring or uplifting. Get recommendations from friends or go online. Sometimes I’ll pick something I’ve already read just to bring back the feeling I felt when I first read the book. 

Keep a diary- write down what’s bothering you. Read it back and respond as if you were an agony aunt. You are able to give brilliant advice but it’s hard to be objective when advising yourself so pretend your problems aren’t yours for a moment. 

Get back to nature- go for a walk, go on a boat, paddle in a stream. There’s something very healing about being barefoot in nature. It doesn’t have to be good weather either!  Getting caught in a downpour with a proper coat on can be exhilaterating!

Cuddle an animal- if you don’t have any pets, borrow one! There’s noting better than having something to love that doesn’t pass judgement and is just too cute. By taking care of animals, you’re showing yourself that you are needed and necessary. 

Get a hair cut- chop it all off and dye it a different colour. You may hate it but hey it grows back. You never know you might find  it really suits you! 

Be kind- being kind to people makes you feel better. When I worked in retail and having a shit day, I would endeavour to be extra smiley and helpful, this would immediately boost my mood and make my shift more bareable. 

Tell people how you feel! -There’s no shame in feeling a bit low and other people might be able to help you. Plus by being honest about your state of mind you may inspire other people to open up and discuss their feelings. 

Pamper yourself- take a hot bath, paint your nails, wear a face mask. Light a candle and listen to some soothing music. 

Have a hobby- whether it’s a sport, crafting, collecting, whatever, everybody needs a hobby and even the smallest thing can bring you joy. Hobbies are also a great way to meet new people whether in real life or on the internet. I wrote this post last year on how my hobby, crochet, helps me deal with my anxiety. 

Be creative- creating something is a wonderful feeling. Make a gift, paint, write a poem, cook, knit, collage, draw, model, write music. By being creative you are showing yourself how productive and useful you can be. 

Meditate- let me know if you manage this successfully! Counting crochet stitches I presume is the same thing..

Swear- it’s ok to get angry and have a bit of a meltdown. Just make sure you don’t do anything that will upset or worry anyone else. I find singing loudly to Alanis Morrisette’s Jagged Little Pill album very loudly is amiracle cure. 

Practise the Danish art of Hygge-  Check out my blog post on hygge from last year 😊

What do you do when you’re feeling low? Have I missed anything out? 

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