Face Mask Body Shop Party

My oldest friend has become a body shop consultant! I love body shop products and couldn’t resist the opportunity to get the girls together to try face masks and creams. 

The party was great fun, passing round creams, trying out the liquid peel, and setting up a sun lounger in the kitchen with candles and calming music so people could go out and get face masks. 

Because I was a hostess, I was entitled to some freebies and discounts which was dependant on how much my guests spent. Luckily for me they did really well! We played games where prizes could be won and the girls took part in a raffle and hand cream competition before the party. 

This is my haul: 

Drops of light brightening cream £22- I’ve become really picky with my face creams recently and this is sumptious but light. 

Tahitian Orchid massage oil £15- drunken impulse purchase 🙈 it smelt so good! Will have to hope someone will give me a massage!

British rose fresh plumping mask £16- we had a mask party and although I chose the warming clay mask for the evening, I’d already decided upon the rose mask. I’ve had a bit of an obsession with rose of late so it was a toss up between this and the honey. I’d recommend using a mask brush to apply it as it’s less mess and feels lovely! 

Instablur £15- needed a makeup base as my Porefessional had run out. Goes on a bit weird but soon smooths out. 

All in one BB cream, colour adaptive £12- I was going to buy the tea tree BB cream but my friend had a sample of this. It goes on like a whiteish cream, which is weird, but as you rub it bursts little beads of colour which adapt to your skin tone. I ordered colour 01 which is a little light for the summer but combined with the instablur looks amazing. I’m using the Garnier Bb currently but the Body Shop product blows that out the water! My freckles are not reduced (which I love) and I look makeup free except my skin’s smooth with an even skin tone. Can’t go on about this product enough!

Moringa Shower gel £5 – at Christmas I got a free body shop shower gel (vanilla chai) from O2 priorities. Usually I wouldn’t pay £5 for a shower gel but this shower gel lasted ages and was really lush. My friend had a moringa sample and the smell’s addictive. I’ll need to hide it at the back of the shower shelf though as M uses all my good stuff… 

Now I’ve opened it all up, I’m already planning my next party! 🙊 

I love the bodyshop as they are cruelty free and fair trade. And although some of their products could be considered a little on the expensive side, they’re not as expensive as some of the high end brands and they’re fantastic quality. 

What are your favourite bodyshop products?

10 thoughts on “Face Mask Body Shop Party

    1. I’d definitely recommend having a party! You can try out the products before buying and getting a delivery is so exciting. Especially if you had some wine and forgot what you ordered! 🙊 x

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