Le Petit Velo

I bought a bike. A proper one too- like it was a significant amount of money type bike.  I wasn’t all that into it until the bike guy said if I said I didn’t care what colour I wanted then he wouldn’t believe me. When I was younger I remember wanting a pink bike with glitter tassels from each handlebar but couldn’t have it because it would need to go to my two younger brothers. It’s all very well being the eldest and not having the hand me downs, but when your big toys have to be gender neutral because your little brother’s going to want it, you’re going to turn out to be a tomboy!

Anyway, I chose blue and pink 😊 apparently they don’t do tassels on adult bikes…maybe I can can make some. 

I’ve shown no interest in bike riding since about 1998. I had a brief spell of taking out an old Apollo a couple of years ago to ride round Thetford but it was heavy and gave me arse ache. 

M went out a few months ago and bought himself an expensive looking bike that needed to live in the kitchen for a week before the insurance kicked in. He goes out most weekends and I stalk him on find my friends app so I know it’s not a rouse to go down the pub. My monthly gym membership basically just means I’m paying for the priveldge of the guilt I already feel about my health. And the thought of M having fun without me was almost too much to bare 😏

I thought I’d be a bit of a wimp today. I moan a lot, especially if I’m uncomfortable and he said that my bum would hurt for a bit but I’d get used to it.. πŸ™„ We did 14K around where we live, a bit on road, a bit cycle path and a bit through woodland. The best was when it started to rain a little in the woods which cooled us down. 

It was a thoughroughly enjoyable experience and I hope it becomes a regular thing. It’s got to be better than being in a stinky gym surrounded by people who make you feel fat and ugly. Plus you get back to nature and all that stuff that’s supposed to be good for the soul. Even bigger plus, I get to annoy my husband for even more hours a day 😊😊

What are you doing for fitness?

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