Clam Shell Bobbles Stitches

The weather has really warmed up this week! I went up to Lincolnshire to see the family and it was a balmy 11 degrees. 🌞 The crocuses and snowdrops were all in bloom and daffodils greet you in all the supermarkets. It won’t be long before every roundabout in the land will be a riot of yellow! 

Part 1 of the Scheepjes 2017 CAL the Hygge Shawl was released on Wednesday.  See the guage square and cross stitch practise here. I got halfway through and compared it to others’ on the fb page. Definitely not as bobbly as I would have liked! 

So I took the decision to frog it all (the horror!) and started again. 

Rather than crocheting in the yarn I wasn’t using, like the pattern suggested, I dropped it and picked it up when I changed. It doesn’t matter as it’s going to be backed anyway. The bobbles I added in another ‘yarn over pull through two’ to make it bigger and made sure I pulled it really tight behind the bobble before I double crocheted. It reminds me of clam shells and coral. 

Daddy’s also gone and bought a puppy! They lost their saluki lurcher before Christmas so last weekend went out and got themselves a lurcher whippet x bedlington. Her name is Nelly! 

She’s so small- like a little mouse! I love her 😍🐭 she’s mental and very cuddly but likely tires out quite quick so we had lots of sleepy cuddles. 

Anyway, back to the grindstone on Monday. I worked an entire day this half term so hopefully my first week back won’t be too stressful. Famous last words.. 

Currently reading: Local Girl Missing -Claire Douglas. A little slow but because it’s set by the sea with a decrepit old pier and permanent drizzle it’s quite atmospheric. Nearly finished Moon Over Soho- Ben Arranovitch on Audible. It’s the second book in the Rivers of London series. If you like crime dramas and Harry Potter then this is the series for you 😁

What are you reading? Has anyone else started the Hygge CAL? Spam me your bobbles! 

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