Moonstone and Cross Stitch Hearts 

Well what a hectic little week I’ve had! But I survived it unscathed and even had my new assistant headship role confirmed for September. I’m over the moon about this and also very much bricking it! Definitely will need to involve a works clothes shopping spree. 😋

The guage square and cross stitch practise was released this week and I completed it in an evening.

I adore it! The stonewashed wasn’t what I imagined, not as soft, but it is a beautiful colour. I’ve never done cross stitch before but found it easy enough, just don’t look at the back of the work! Thankfully, you have to line the Shawl.. 🙄 I didn’t have the required 4.5mm hook so used a 4.

I finished Lie with Me by Sabine Durrant this week- best book I’ve read in a while! A real page turner. The main character was an arsehole but you can’t decide whether he’s an evil genius or a bit of a loser.

We had book club last night and all agreed that All For Nothing by Walter Kemposki was possibly the worst book in the known universe. This month it’s Holly’s choice and she’s picked Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas. I’m also reading The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro which is very fantasy based. The characters remind of the Aufwaders from the Whitby Witches- I’ve no idea why!

We have a big reading event at school coming up that I’m planning. I’ve chosen Alice in Wonderland purely for its imagery and versatility. We’re reading the book in class to prepare and it’s such a joy. All adults and children will be dressing up (I’m Alice, obviously..) and the classrooms are all being decorated as different scenes from the book! I’m so excited and hope our tea party for the local MP makes the paper!

Half term now so hopefully some rest, although I have a mountain of work to complete. I’m off to Lincolnshire for a couple of days to see the famalan- well timed too as my dad’s just got a puppy! 😍

Happy weekend!


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