Sunday Brunch Crochet Club 

Today I’ve had just the best day. I woke up early and had a read of my new book ‘Lie With Me’ by Sabine Durrant. It’s really gripping! I only started yesterday and I’ll be done by bed time!

At 10 Sophie came over and we headed over to the first meeting of Crochet Club at Monty’s in town. The place was packed with hookers, experienced and otherwise. It was lovely to catch up with my old friend Kylie, who I havnt seen for 7 years! 

We shared our projects, crocheted, swapped patterns and ate cake and sandwiches. It was also exciting that Sophie and I got to open our Hygge Shawl crochet a long packs that were ordered in the week. 

Such lovely squishy Scheepjes yarn. 

After that we nipped by DFS where I ordered our new sofa bed for the spare bedroom. M’s spent the weekend racking up the man points and laying flooring in there and I intend to redecorate in greys and yellows, add a little TV and order all my yarn, it’s getting out of hand. M seems to think it’s going to be my new crochet hideaway… more like your Xbox room.. 😂

My attic 24’s making very slow progress! 😩 I’m 3 weeks behind now! But it is looking beautiful. 

Because I had school work to do, I didn’t fancy making a roast so I put beery beef stew with large herby dumplings into the slow cooker. After a candlelit bath and more book we enjoyed the stew with mustard mash and have cuddled up on the sofa to watch Call the Midwife and Apple Tree Yard. 

Half term soon! 😊

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