Waltham Abbey Wool show

I went to my first wool show today! The Waltham Abbey Wool Show was hosted by the Marriot Hotel and was a bargain £3.50 with pre booked tickets. Deidre Urys from  www.lookatwhatimade.net opened the fair which was brilliant because she obviously had a big pile of her new Sophie’s Universe book (sold out in woolwarehouse) with her which she happily signed. 

I also spent way more time than predicted at the Textile Garden Button stall! 

I tried my hand at rag rugging.  I’ll definitely be trying this soon, I wish I’d got some pictures of the finished ones on the stall! 

There was seriously so much lovely stuff! 

I also bought the pattern for the Mystical Lanterns shawl by Janie Crow. 

That’ll go on the WIP list which clearly isn’t long enough…

Here’s a quick update on the Moorlands CAL, I’m so behind 🙈

Happy Sunday!

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