Easy Sundays

Back to work proper tomorrow. I have spent Thursday and Friday last week in CPD but the children are back tomorrow. 

I’m actually really looking forward to it. I haven’t been in school all of last half term due to a very long jury service so I feel like I’ve been away forever. 

I woke up this morning at 4.15 when two yoots walked passed my window back from their night out talking loudly about whether Emily should be told. About what I didn’t catch, but they seemed very concerned. Anyway I wasn’t able to fall back to sleep and soon got that horrible nauseous feeling I get when I wake up too early. I always thought it was anxiety of flying as I only ever seemed to get it when I got up super early for holiday. But I’ve realised it’s just an early morning things, my stomachs obviously not used to be woken up. 

Last night I started the new attic 24 CAL: the Moorland blanket. We took a trip to Sconch in Braintree and I bought the first 5 colours. I’d toyed with the idea of getting the woolwarehouse pack but decided to put money into a local business. Anyway last night, after a couple of glasses of wine admittedly, I gave up as I couldn’t keep to the rhythm and kept having to frog all the way back. It’s not a blanket where you can cover up your mistakes! 

So at 5 this morning with a cup of tea I came down stairs to crack it. It was surprisingly simple once I’d got the hang of it. It involves counting and checking repeatedly but once you get into the rhythm of walking across the valley for 4, up the mountain for two, two stitches at the top and back down for two.. it’s quite enjoyable. After I’d watched a couple of episodes of Delicious and an interesting program about gardening and keeping chickens, I decided to get on the evening meal. 

I’ve had this slow cooker for 7 years and couldn’t do without it, especially in the colder months. I chopped up an onion and fried off the beef in some coconut oil. I added a selection of herbs and spices and some garlic salt, whatever was at the front of the cupboard. I then chopped up some swede and carrots and put them in the slow cooker with some water and some beef stock cubes. I then added the fried off beef and glazed the beef pan with a couple of glasses of red. This was then added to the crock. The beef’s not as tough as I usually buy so it won’t need too long but will be done in about 6/7 hours. I will serve with creamy mash and herby dumplings. šŸ¤¤ 

I also managed to get to the gym this morning! It was lovely to get back into some competitive yoga. It’s not quite the same in your front room with no one to judge you.. I did fall asleep during relaxation at the end though so obviously getting up so early wasn’t a great idea. I intend to spend the rest of the day doing a couple of loads of washing, finishing the first 10 rows of the CAL and watching Fortitude. 

This evening I’ll be having a bath and a facemask after tea and start my new book club book ‘All for Nothing’ by Walter Kemposki. Then an early night ready for the morning. 

I love Sundays! What are you up to today? Have you started the CAL?

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