New Years in a Beach Hut!

So we had the best New Year ever! My dad, step mum and her parents (and two dogs!) came for the weekend to celebrate new year. It’s also my step mum’s birthday on New Years Eve so double celebrations. SM has always wanted to go to Mersea island so I told dad about the Little Beach Hut Company on Mersea and we rented their cute little Bertie for New Year’s Day as a birthday surprise.

The hut was small but well equipped and we were able to make bacon sandwiches and tea for 6 as soon as we got there. The weather held all morning and we took a lesisurely stroll down the beach, past the old oyster beds and into mariner. The beach was the busiest we had ever seen it and it was lovely to take the dogs! We met so many Christmas puppies too!

We arrived back at the beach hut as the heavens opened and we all huddled in made fresh tea and had left over birthday cake. The day was rounded off by a trip to the pub for a couple of pints. 

Walking up the beach is obviously good for you because I was in bed by 9.30 last night and my legs are a bit achey this morning! Incidentally we received Little Beach Hut gift vouchers with afternoon tea for Christmas from M’s mum and dad! So we’ll be back soon! 

We were also given an early wedding anniversary gift.. it’s a beautiful jar filled with pebbles and confetti from outside of the venue on our big day! Such a good idea and so beautiful! 

How did you see the new year in?

3 thoughts on “New Years in a Beach Hut!

  1. Those huts look so very cute! I adore your jar you got! What a wonderful idea! Happy New Year to you and your family!!!! I stayed home New Years Eve with my dog! New Years Day I went to lunch with a good friend! Have a wonderful week! Hugz Lisa and Bear

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