Christmas in Yorkshire 

Christmas! All over 😔 I’m feeling a little sad it’s all over but I have some good things to look forward to: starting a new diary, diet and gym routine, resolutions, the new Attic 24 CAL, booking the summer holiday and spending New Year’s Day in a beach hut on Mersea Island. 

Christmas has been lovely this year. M and I rented a hayloft conversion (not as grand as a barn) near Ripon in North Yorkshire. It was our first Christmas spent alone and it was lovely! It was really stormy but the place was cosy and warm and I cooked my very first Christmas dinner! 

On Christmas Day we went for a long walk round the country lanes, saw the farm’s resident donkeys and then opened a bottle of red and dozed whilst dinner was cooking. After a late dinner we watched Home Alone 😁

Boxing Day was spent mooching around York. We had breakfast in a weird and wonderful bistro called Mr P’s curious Tavern. We then stumbled across the Yorkshire Soap Co shop and it’s sister business The Imaginarium which reminded me of Alice and Wonderland and Edgar Allan Poe. 

We went to Harrogate on the 27th on our way back down the M1 to visit my mum. Harrogate was also lovely and we filled up on cakes and hot chocs at the famous Bettys tearoom (no apostrophe!). 

On our way home we stopped in for the night at my Mum’s. It was nice to see family and swap presents! Matt and I got a pasta maker- we had classes on our honeymoon and can’t wait to get making our own! 

I haven’t crocheted in days and am feeling a definite withdrawal! Can’t wait to order my Moorlands pack. 

How was your Christmas? 


5 thoughts on “Christmas in Yorkshire 

  1. Ours was crazily busy as we get to host the Christmas period for 15 every year! New Year is currently in France, though, so I’m looking forward to getting home and starting a new project as I didn’t bring enough with me:)

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