Forever Young..

Things that tell me I’m nearly 30. 

I know it’s not a biggie like 40 is and every person over the age of 35 loves to tell me how young I am but I honestly thought I’d never get old! So some of these things have come as a shock. These are the things have happened to me in the last couple of years that remind me I’m nearly 30. 

I’m getting spots- I’ve never had spots before, now I’m like a teenager. Also my skins suddenly gone from dry to combination 

I don’t heal as fast- I went over on my ankle a few months ago and it’s still ‘gives me gip’ 

Stuff repeats on me- what a stupid thing to say I thought when younger and an older member of the family would say this. Now I have a list of things I’m wary of as I can taste them for days! 

Meat makes me sweat- in particular lamb, you know you have to sleep naked after a lamb roast because that’s gonna be rocking up the temperature 

I love vegetables- especially Brassica oleracea, that’s cabbages, caulis and Brussels to you and me!

Hangovers have now gone into lasting two days- they said it would happen, I didn’t believe them

Not having hangovers- I now know when to stop!

A night out on the town takes recovery- aside from the two day hangover, my legs feel like I’ve been at a body pump class after a night dancing in heels

Pants are for comfort and nothing else- The only thong I own is for yoga. (Edit:this has been rectified this week)

Roast dinners happen on Sundays- I feel disconcerted if this doesn’t happen

10 o clock is bed time- at university I remember thinking that I’d never gotten into bed before midnight during my first year as there was too much partying to be had, not going to bed was also a common occurrence, I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Well it turns out I must have died because once it gets past 10 I start getting worried I might not be able to get up the next day.

Toilet trips in the night- I’ve always prided myself on the capacity of my bladder. Recently however, I’ve been making trips at 4 in the morning 

I don’t care as much- I’ve found myself not caring what other people think of me, not getting so worked if I may have upset someone, not caring about being told off, I still have a way to go but I’ve definitely relaxed into it

I get annoyed when I’m not ID’d- this used to bug me no end when I was 23 but now I’m 28 I love to do that little raise of the eyebrows, smug smile and hand over my driving license… and their look of shock and ‘you look so much younger!’

I’m buying moisturiser based on my skin type- who knew it made a difference!

I wear sunglasses to ‘protect me eyes’

I choose shoes based on how much support they give to my arch… 

I’ve not seen the inside of a topshop in years

I go round shops picking up clothes and say ‘I wore this exact item to a school disco in ’96’

I get regular hair cuts 

I would rather spend a night in with my husband than a night out with friends

I’m not as flexible as I used to be. I’m hyper mobile so have always been pretty bendy but in the last few years this has lessened!

What’s changed for you as you’ve got older?

2 thoughts on “Forever Young..

  1. Ha ha! Apart from the spots, every single one of these resonates with me! Although, I have to say, it was at forty after my fourth child that I noticed all these, not thirty. I’m fifty in fifteen months – I wonder what that will bring……?

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