The Accidental Hipster 

This week I’m preparing my body for the Christmas pig out. By dieting a bit now, I’ll be looking trim for Christmas parties, won’t cause gossip amongst the family about being pregnant (although from the amount of prosecco I’m likely to consume  that rumour, one would hope, will be dead in the water) and also take the sting out of the January weigh in. 

I’ve enjoyed my salad lunches this week, I’ve tried lettuce, watercress, rocket and spinach with a variety of boiled egg, tuna and savoury rice(they were nicer than I’ve just described). This evening I decided to opt for leaves, boiled eggs, tuna and olives (a salad nicoise you could say..) Being the lovely wife I am I decided to make hubby one too… that and I couldn’t mange a whole of tin of tuna and didn’t want it wasted.. however there was a problem. All the tupperwares upped and left… what was I going to put it in? Dismissing the sandwich bag idea almost immediately (I’m not a sadist), I spied my trusty IKEA all purpose jar. I saw some Facebook foody viral a few years ago about salads in jars… same thing.. anyway, I hope he likes it… 🙈🙊 he hates anything hipster and this is about about as hipster as it gets.. what next? His porridge in a plant pot? He’ll probably eat it in the car.. 😂😂

The key is to layer.. like a lettucey lasagne…

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