An A-Z of happiness 

Things that make me happy: an A to Z. Because why the hell not. 

A Audio books- I don’t have a lot of time to read, not as much as I’d like anyway, so audio books are brilliant for driving, cooking, excersising, etc etc. M and I usually have a joint audio book on the go (rivers of London- Ben Aranovitch ATM) to listen to before bed and long car journeys. It’s good to share a book and be able to discuss it. M never reads either so it’s good to get a bit of culture in him! My current audio book when M’s not there is Maggie Ofarrel- This Must be the Place

B  Books! I love books: the smell, the weight, the cover, the typeface.. I love reading too but I’m very guilty of not finishing books. I don’t persevere if I’m bored. A very wise lady once helped me calculate how many books I have left in my lifetime and it certainly wasn’t many! Currently reading After you’d Gone by Maggie Ofarrel with The Ballroom by Anna Hope lined up for book club. 

C Crochet-  obviously! My hobby calms me immensely and is an excellent outlet for my creativity. 

D Dogs- love doggies! Can’t have one of my own so I borrow other people’s! 

E Eating out- anywhere! Ala carte or KFC. I love eating and spending time with people so why not combine the two things. As I’ve written this I’ve told my husband we’re going for a tobey Carvery breakfast on Saturday…

F Food- specifically cooking food. It’s an art as opposed to baking which is definitely a science and I am definitely an artist. 

G Garden centres- not to be confused with gardening. I love looking at plants and buying them. Then M plants them and I enjoy their company in the summer with a chilled bottle of white. 

H husband- obviously, he’s amazing! 

I Italy- love visiting Italy, love the language, the food, the people, the history, the art, the wine, the architecture I could go on!

J Java- C for coffee was taken. I love coffee, Costa in particular, hazelnut soya latte being my Joe of choice. But I also love my Nespresso machine. An espresso after dinner is also magnifico!

K Knits- not knitting, I don’t knit, but knitted things. I love Autumn when the light knits come out and long knit scarves are back in vogue. Hate winter though, knits become too sweaty. 

L Lush- bath bombs and bubble bars. I like to stock up on payday of a couple; blue skies, karma, cerridewens cauldron, tisty tosty being my favourites. 

M Mates- F was taken! I have so many friends from all around the country and don’t see them often enough! I love hanging out, going shopping, eating, drinking, tagging each other in hilarious videos, pausing Sky TV on Danny Baker wearing a snake above his goggles and taking a pic to send to a friend just because, arranging phone dates, visits, sleepovers, much needed emergency cups of tea. Couples friends are also very good because I get to spend time with my favourite person too. 

N notebooks- can’t beat a plush notebook and smooth pen! Coloured sharpies, pencil cases, diaries, files and folders. All stationery but S was taken!

O Old things- A for antiques was already taken.I love old pictures and coronation biscuit tins, glass bottles, tea cups, bureaus and rocking chairs. 

P puzzles- who knew this would be so rewarding!

Q The Queen- just the royals tbh. I find them fascinating!

R Roast dinners- Favourite dinner. I make one every Sunday- pork mostly, chicken and mash when hungover, beef when I need a feed up and lamb on very special occasions. I’d eat a roast every night of the week if I could. And Tobey Carvery is my all time favourite place. 

S Sea side- love the beach, the sound of waves, the seaside towns, fish and chips, piers, arcades, ice cream, spray, sand, salt, seaweed, shells, sun, rain, mist and drizzle. 

T Tarot cards- always give me the answer I need. Great tool to get people talking about their problems too. 

U underwear- found the most comfortable tshirt bra the other day in my size, in Debenhams Gorgeous range. You don’t realise how happy this makes me. 

V Venice- honeymoon destination 1. Beautiful beautiful place

W WordPress notifications!

X Kissing- Do I get away with that? 

Y Yarn- in all colours, shapes, sizes and textures! Nothing beats wandering round, squishing some yarn.

Z ZzzzzzzZzzzzZzzz- getting some zeds. Especially whilst listening to my audio book, window open wide snugged under the winter duvet and heavy knotted bed throw, wearing flannel pjs. 👍🏻

What’s your A-Z? 


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