Sock making and Slow cooking

I woke up this morning to pouring rain and dismal grey skies.  Last night vicious winds lashed at the house and howled down the streets. Fortunately I slept rather soundly thanks to a very tasty beef bouginon and a few glasses of wine!

I spent yesterday on a beginners Tarot course which was really interesting. I’ve been interested in card reading for a very long time have many sets. I’ve always found tarot to be confusing and overwhelming so decided to do something about it and learn something new. The tarot has still got a nasty reputation, associated with scary occult stuff and black magic. What rubbish. I find the cards can be really helpful when I’m mulling over a problem and it’s a great way to get friends to talk about their own worries and queries. 

I’ve spent Sunday curled up with out part time pup, Pepper. I’ve been crocheting bed socks for Christmas presents. Now I’ve cracked the pattern, I’m addicted! 

I’ve got lots of Christmas presents still to do but seeing as though my current job/project (taps nose secretly) can involve a lot of hanging about, I’m getting lots done! Lots of snoods and hats.  I just hope that everyone loves them as much as I’ve loved making them. 

Lucy from Attic 24s gone and brought out a stunning new blanket pack hadn’t she!? So that’s sorted my January evenings! The blanket’s a gentle ripple stitch in hues of greens, khakis, blues and purples to echo they beautiful Yorkshire moors. It will match my new living room colour palette beautifully!

Sadly my harmony blanket hasn’t been finished but I refuse to feel guilty, I will come back to it one day! 🙊 I also have my chunky alpaca lemon peel stitch bed blanket on the go in the evenings but I feel like I can fasten off and use to cover our bed at anytime and just add more thick stripes of colour as I go. It’s important to have lots of WIPs! 

 Christmas is definitely near and I’m super excited. M and I are off to Harrogate on Christmas Eve to spend our very first married Christmas alone in a country cottage. I intend to load up the car with Marks and Spencer’s food, gifts and walking boots and spend Christmas Day taking a long country walk and pigging out on gorgeous food! After 3 days we will be back and will make sure to visit our families but we wanted to just spend one Christmas alone together. 

Tonight I’m very much looking forward to Planet Earth 2. Wasn’t islands fantastic? And I have a fridge raid stew of carrots, tomatoes, sausages, celery, haricot beans and spices in the slowcooker. After a huge cooked breakfast this morning I didn’t fancy a roast, a rare occurrence! 

What have you been up to this weekend?


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