Puff Stitch Beanie Hats

Things have been a little crazy here this past couple of weeks. I can’t go in to detail but everything work wise has been turned on it’s head and it appears I have something else to do from now until Christmas.

This seems like really weird/divine timing  as I was starting to get quite stressed with work and felt like I needed a little break, you get what you wish for!

This weekend was spent just chillin’. I love making plans, don’t get me wrong, but I love not having them too. I’ve spent the weekend vegging with M, taking long baths, drinking nespresso, reading and crocheting.

I made this gorgeous newborn beanie for a friend on Saturday and this puff stitch slouchy beanie for myself on Sunday whilst watching Mad Men.

I got hooked on the puff stitch beanie and whipped up another during the week.


My rabbit Tilly (he’s a boy with a girls name..) has become a little poorly. He’s nine years old and we’ve noticed his bi annual molt had lasted a lot longer than usual and his bum was getting quite messy. We’ve worked out that he’s a little overweight and isn’t able to eat his nutritious cecal pops (and you thought rabbits were cute, no they actually eat their own soft turds). This means that all this soft stuff is getting stuck to his behind and belly and he’s started losing fur there. We’ve bathed him a few times this week but he hates it, so we’ve taken to wet wiping him regularly to keep him clean. We’re also keeping him inside for a few days so we can keep him clean and ensure he eats exclusively hay with a small amount of pellets. We’ve also spent a good few hours brushing him! This was earlier…

You’d think he’d go bald! At first he seemed quite annoyed at being caged up and force fed Timothy hay but he seemed to really enjoy his grooming session earlier, even giving his own ears and paws a little clean at the same time.


I’m off to Thorpe Park’s fright night this weekend as well as make and stir a Christmas pudding. I love this annual event and will be blogging about it next week.

Have a good weekend guys!


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