Autumn and Fall/s

I’ve fallen out of love with autumnal woodland walks. I’ve sprained my ankle. I knew I should have been wearing my walking boots, but everyone else was in trainers and I didn’t want to appear over eager. Anyway it all ended tits up Sunday, literally, when I stumbled down a small hole and went right over on my ankle. It’s now swollen to the size of a grapefruit and it’s very sore. Irritatingly though, I can still walk on it so it didn’t even garner me some time off… 😁  the walk in centre (haha) said it was a sprain, he didn’t even seem very impressed with the swelling, nor brave, when I stoicly informed him I wasn’t taking pain relief… he gave me a withering look and told me to get some ibuprofen.

Crochet wise I took my sister in law down to the Cheap Shop in Tiptree before ‘my fall’ and couldn’t resist some denim chunky yarn and a new 10ml hook. I’m making a simple scarf for M to wear as he loved his plum coloured one last year, but it annoys me how short I made it. 

I need to get on with it as my Chunky lemon peel blanket isn’t going to make itself and I have a lot of gifts to start hooking up for something in December..

As I said in a previous post, work’s really full on at the moment and I feel like I’m barely keeping my head above water. I can’t really understand what has changed, but I’m very aware of how different my role now is in school which impacts on my workload. Long gone are the days of being an NQT that could get away with not doing the hard stuff, I now have to actually lead by example and help others too. In the summer I went for a specialist leader in education position and was accepted. I’d sort of forgotten about it until today where I went on my core training day. The day was so brilliant. I love looking round other schools, especially this one as it was an ‘outstanding’ school. And the chance to meet other like minded professionals was really great. The course was designed to help us when we go into schools to support teachers better their practice. But there was a lot of emphasis put on knowing yourself and understanding your traits and personality in order to better understand others. This was really insightful and the chance to role play and observe difficult conversations was really beneficial. It’s nice to get out of the classroom and reflect on what’s really important in a job like mine. So much of the time I’m panicking about paperwork, marking, data and displays that I don’t get time to think about the bigger picture and the reason we’re all actually there. The Holidays children.

Any advice for my ankle? 

What’s on your hook?

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