Villa Sassolini- Tuscany 

After a fun but tiring 3 day trip down here we finally arrived at our boutique hotel- Villa Sassolini in Tuscany. The villa is situated in the small village of Moncioni, a suburb of Montevatchi, where there are just a few houses and a tabbachi.

The first thing that strikes you about the villa is the rough grey render with patterns chiselled into the plaster.

The hotel itself is like something out of a interiors magazine. It’s styled in muted tones of grey and mink, grey washed wood, linens, statement oversized clocks and storm candles. The lobby is a joy to behold! Such a change from the typical antique sometimes gaudy style of the region.

Our room, Marrakech, is a double deluxe, a mid price point room. It has a large modern four poster beds dressed in crisp white sheets,a charcoal  grey waffle throw and a thicker linen eiderdown incase we get chilly. The ceilings are tall and beamed but in that modern way, no wood worm here! Everything is oversized: lamps, side tables, clocks. The bathroom has a rainfall shower (which is heaven on my back after all that driving) and this super cute porthole window, it reminds me of a Tuscan hobbit hole! The view out of the window is a sprawling vision of the Chiantishire hills and the garden and poolside. 

After dumping our bags and rescuing the complimentary bottle of Prosecco in the mini bar, we throw on our swimwear, grab our books and head down to the deserted pool. The garden is bee and butterfly heaven with lavender, box bushes and large terracotta pots full of kitchen herbs. The view over the box hedge of the Tuscan mountains is breathtaking and I cross my fingers for an outside evening meal where we can watch the sunset. 

We choose the two best loungers, nearest pool and bar, they are thick and padded with large thick towels folded neatly on the end. I like to lay in shade mostly as I’m very fair skinned but with my sun creamed legs poking out in the sun. After an hour of dozing and reading I manage to convince M to take a quick dip in the chilly pool before hopping out and lying in the baking sun, there is nothing more satisfying then warming a wet body in the hot sun!

After a few hours and the sun dips behind the villa at exactly 6 of clock we head upstairs to prepare for dinner at 7.30.

From the chilled music coming from the garden bar after my shower I know we’re eating by the pool. 

I go down early to ring home and brag abut the temperature here and also get the drinks in. The Chianti region is famous for it’s wines but I’m more of a vino della casa kind of a girl… 🙄 

We are seated on the pool edge under cover and I sneakily choose the seat overlooking the hillside. The sun is setting and the mountains are a watercolour palette of indigo hues. The sky is a dark lilac, moving into a deep navy as the sun disappears. Whilst we were sunbathing we saw a swallow (or swift, what is the difference?) take a dive from the villa and scoop up some pool water before swooping back up and over the hedge. Now at dinner time the whole family’s out and about and it’s like they’ve put on a welcome show of acrobatics for us! 

We are later joined by a massive hummingbird moth who clearly thinks my Chanel is the scent of a very large flower and tries to extract nectar from my ear! Much to my amusement! Mum says this is a good omen for a honeymoon!

For dinner we started with goats cheese stuffed tortellini in a rich chicken and pork sauce and then a 1.3 kilo T bone steak for secondi. I joked that it would be like something from the flintstones, and I wasn’t wrong! It was huge! Served with saladand rosemary new potatoes, it was cooked rare and was melt in the mouth tender. Matt then had a large tirimisu with an extra spoon, I don’t like alcoholic desserts (I prefer my alcohol to be wetter) but this wasn’t too bad at all, creamy and delicious with a bitter chocolate powder dusting. 

As the sun goes down and I just start to wonder about a cardigan a soft textured throw is out around my shoulders by the attentive waiting staff, good for a few more minutes then! 

The bed was firm but comfortable and a nice kingsize meaning I can starfish and Ms feet don’t fall off the end. The AC need switching on in the middle of night as it was a bit warm but I apart from that I slept soundly.

The next morning, after slathering myself in factor 30 we went down for breakfast by the pool under the terrace. I had a delicious apple turn over, yoghurt, juice and coffee; if only breakfast was like this everyday! 

The rest of our week was spent mooching about Siena and Florence (we’ve been to Florence before and loved it) and lounging by the pool. We play Go Fish in the evenings and M teaches me chequers. 

On the Friday we booked a cookery lesson with Aurora the chef. We learned to make a delicious zucchini flan with balsamic onions and cheese sauce, homemade goats cheese ravioli in tomatoe sauce and then that beautiful Tirimisu we’d tried on our first night, Aurora doesn’t use licquer, just how I like it! We then got to eat our amazing lunch by the pool with a bottle of local red. The most perfect day. 

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