Face Food

I seem to be verging on beauty blogging in this post but I couldn’t resist. 

I have a perfectly healthy obsession with Lush bubble bars and was approached a few weeks ago by a member of staff as I was browsing skincare on my monthly bath prod stock up. I’m really lucky with my skin, I never had spots when I was younger and occasionally now only get them between my eyebrows (from waxing maybe?). My skin isn’t oily and perhaps verges on dry in winter but I moisturise daily.  Despite being very lucky, I am a fan of a good skincare routine. Admittedly I mostly just wipe off with an Aldi Lacura wipe (seriously, go to Aldi now) at the end of the day but I do like to treat myself occasionally. 

Anyway the assistant sold me the Ultra Bland facial cleanser (After rubbing wonderful smelling creams into my hand for 20 minutes she could have literally sold me anything  tbf.. I’m mesmerised by tactile feedback.). It’s a serious skin nourishment treat with almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey. It smells very subtle at first, but if you use it as a mask, whilst you soak in the bath, the warmth of the honey comes right through. As a cleanser I just smother onto my skin and wipe off with a damp cotton pad. Good price at £7.95 too. 

 Today I decided to go for a toner, the friend I was with suggested Eau Roma and when I saw it was made with lavender and rose water I was sold. It’s actually divine, it’s smells gorgeous without being too overpowering like lavender can sometimes be and the handy spray bottle will come in useful on holiday for just spritzinh my face and clearing away any sweat and grime; I plan to go makeup free on hol! It just gently removes any left over cleanser and tones and closes your pores. £4.50 for 100grams. 

The lady in the shop today also gave me testers! (Seriously who knew?!) so I’ve got two moisturisers, Shangri La and Gorgeous. Gorgeous is very heftily priced at £42.50 but I think i actually prefer the scent of Shangri La with its violet, vanilla coconut, what germ, aloe and beeswax as well as other scrumminess! She has also given me a tester of Ro’s Argan which is a body conditioner (use in the same way as hair conditioner apparently!) and it appears to be an amazing shit ton of oils and butters and left Mel and me sniffing our arms like morons for the rest of the day! 

Bath bomb wise I decided to ditch the old favourites (Blueskies and fluffy white clouds FYI- sucker for patchouli) and go with something a little more gentle. Butterball smells lush 😉 annoyingly it’s not a bubble bar but a fizzer so you can’t break it up easily. 

Anyway that was my lush haul, definitely sold on the idea of a Lush spa treatment day too, sounds like actual heaven! See here! The lady also offered us Christmas temp jobs, I would seriously just be paid in products! 

What’s your favourite Lush item? 


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