Putty, Pembrook and Dusk Blue

I have a slight obsession with The Cambridge Satchel Company bags. I wanted one after seeing that inspiring google viral about where the company started and how it grew.

My first bag was the Small Cloud bag in Pembrook Blue. We weren’t married then so when it came to putting on my initials, in the Covent Garden store, I had a decision to make. I chose my new ones, which turned out to be the right choice as M then payed for the bag 🙂


The bag fits my cards, keys, phone and a lipstick, I’ve used it for shopping and also detached the strap and used it as a clutch.

My second bag was the Large Twist lock in putty and navy. I fell in love with it in the Covent garden store and used birthday money to buy it. Luckily, they had a weekend free embossing promo so I could afford to get Mrs Smith with a colourless heart stamped above it.


The bag just fits my iphone, purse, keys, lipstick and a sunglasses case. Great for shopping but not a daily

I woke up early the other week to see a friend promoting the fact that there was a 40% sale on the Cambridge Satchel Website atm plus ANOTHER 20% off at the till… I couldn’t not really! They’re an investment! I really want a satchel for every day use, big enough for my diary, notebook, brolly, keys phone, purse etc. I chose the popular 13″classic satchel in dusk blue after a hurried facetime to my mum at 8 in the morning asking her advice on colour! Ideally I would have a red but I imagine these are really popular so don’t often go into sale. I was undecided on my embossing so have left it for now. I haven’t got it embossed but I ‘ll take it with me when we’re next in London and see if they’ll emboss. No idea with what though! Maybe my first name?


Prior to posting I’ve received an email about the new Poppy bag… I’m loving the stachel!

pink poppy



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