Peach, Sage, Thistle and Cornflower

I’ve tried a few stripey blankets before but they always go wavy because I never count stitches, so to break up the monotony of the Harmony blanket I decided to practice a simple stripey the size of a pram blanket. The yarn was Crofter Snuggly and Special DK. I used the Crofter Snuggly in Winnie, a pretty variegated yarn, and I matched all the colours to this. Each double stripe was followed by a single row of white. I used stitch markers and counted religiously each row. Hopefully it would be suitable for a boy or a girl. Pepper the dog, who comes to stay whilst her mum’s on holiday, certainly love it!


I initially wanted to edge with a long chains and pompom stitched in between but it didn’t  look right. I also tried a cathedral edging but this was over the top! Finally  I just settled on a delicate and very simple picot.

I don’t know where it’s going, perhaps I’ll keep it in my bottom drawer for the future.

I can now go back to the Harmony and hopefully be finished before our driving honeymoon; I’m pinteresting ideas for that, something cotton to do in the heat?

The weather’s looking up and I only have one more week of work before we break up! Horay! What are you up to this summer?



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