I’m lovin’ Bloglovin’




In a shameless quest for new followers I’m trying to promote my blog through bloglovin’. I currently have a happy little following of  4 and I’d like this to get bigger! I have a much healthier following on wordpress but I know that lots of people don’t use wordpress so wouldn’t automatically follow me. Bloglovin’ is a handy blog reader that keeps all your blogs in the same place, it also has a handy little app too!

So a little a bit about me to tempt you..

I’m a 28 recently married primary school teacher who lives in Essex who has lived ‘all over’, which explains the colourful accent.

I live with my new husband (the novelty of using this phrase hasn’t worn off) and our 9 year old rabbit Tilly (he has a girls name, long story..)

I have a passion for textiles, colour, interiors, teaching and anyway to channel creativity. My main outlet is crochet, I crochet for myself, family and friends and always have at least 3 current WIPs (work in progress).

My blog is mainly about places I visit, things I crochet and my cooking

If I could hashtag my likes it would be this:

home, beach, woodlands, walking, taking pictures, cooking, drinking wine, reading fortune cards, reading books, creative topic planning for work,  radio 2, eating out, audible books, stationery, cambridge satchels, large coffee mugs, even larger wine glasses, detective thrillers, scary films, gardening, food shopping, craft shows, classic cars, beetles, campers, fish and chips, won ton soup, iphone cases, lush bubble bars, fatface clothing, cath kidston, espressos, hazlenut lattes, heart shaped pebbles, angels, Quentin Tarantino, game of thrones, harry potter, colouring in at work, having a sing-a-long, debating, my herb garden, stickers, slowcooker, reading about attachment parenting, walking dogs, teacups, antique shopping, dancing to cheese, milkshakes, charm bracelets, guinea pigs, pajamas, yoga, yarn.



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