Powder-blue dubs and crocheted stripes

The weeks before the  summer holidays are always hectic for a teacher. I have assessments to think about, school reports, sports days, monitoring days, preparing for next year, class lists, school trips… the list is endless. The weather’s also been pants so that has taken the sparkle out of everything.

I worked from 8.30-12 today (Sunday) and then we spent a couple of hours out in the beetle at the Battles Bridge VW show. The weather was nice and it made me feel like I hadn’t just sat in the house all weekend.

Here’s a few pics of the show and my latest WIP.


The WIP is going to be a unisex stroller blanket. It doesn’t have a home but I’m sure we can find it one. I wanted to practise keeping my rows even by obsessively counting and so far so good! The yarn is a mixture of stylecraft special DK and Sirdar snugly crofter. I originally based the colour pallete on the Crofter Winnie, with white between every 2 rows of colour. Unfortunately the variegated-ness of the Winnie is a bit vomity in stripes. The colours are beaut but they don’t last long so all mixed together are a bit drab… I like it regardless, but I’m dreading weaving in all those ends! Gargh!

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2 thoughts on “Powder-blue dubs and crocheted stripes

  1. Hey, nice blanket! Weaving in is the worst, yeah. But if you crochet a border around the whole thing, you could just crochet over all the ends!

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