Knit Cafe

Obviously I do like to browse Woolwarehouse but theres nothing better than touching up lots of lovely wool, obviously it’s important to support your local woolshops too! My usual are the Tiptree cheap shop and Franklin’s in Colchester, however the other night I had a google of wool shops locally and Cafe Knit in Lavenham popped up.


On the promise of a hot chocolate and some cake the husband was more than happy to tag along. Lavenham and the drive out to Lavenham is lovely, I lost count of the amount of times we said “oooh look at that house..” and “let’s live here”.

The cafe itself is on the high street and easy to find. Inside, we chose a seat by the window and ordered hot chocolates and hot cross buns. It was so lovely to sip our drinks and browse the yarn! There is a small selection of wool (compared to my usual shops), mainly Debbie Bliss, but also lots of smaller independent brands, organic yarn, chinese silk yarn etc. I had a great chat with the guy in the shop about different yarns and brands. It was nice to chat about different techniques, he suggested using a debbie bliss angel lace weight combined with another DK thickness yarn to create different coloured effects I usually use 100% acrylic just for the washability and colour selection, but I’ve been spoiled by £2 per 100g and see any more than that as expensive.

He had an Italian brand in stock that’s 100% merino called Regina by Adriafil. Its quite soft, not as soft as a baby bliss, but I loved the colours and it comes in 100g balls. At £4.05 for 100g I couldn’t resist.  I have no idea what I’m going to make but I’m sure I’ll find something!




4 thoughts on “Knit Cafe

  1. Need this in the states! Or, if it is in the states, there needs to be one in *my* state, ha! Most of the time I’m in the craft store I try and rush out as soon as I can, so I’m not tempted to buy more than I ought to, but to have a place to actually knit and sip coffee and plot new projects with yarn ready for purchasing? Oh, so fun 😀


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